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Sure-Life Catch and Release- Designed to be the Ultimate Stress Reducing Livewell Additive


Date: 8/6/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Sure-Life
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Sure-Life showcased their ultimate stress reducing livewell additive for holding and releasing Bass at ICAST. This unique formula is recommended by both Doug Hannon and Roland martin for not just reducing stress for bass in the livewell but also improving their health.


Catch and Release is a hold and release formula for bass

Tony and Lane Gergely, owners of Sure-Life Laboratories, are a husband/wife team of dedicated scientists. Their professional background is in microbiology and both grew up with an interest in science. Tony’s area of expertise is in chemistry, while Lane’s is in biology. The combination has made for a dynamic team. Tony formulated and developed 31 products for use on delicate aquarium fish, baitfish and gamefish while he was Vice President of R&D at Jungle Laboratories. All of the original products are still on the market today. He has been formulating products for fish since 1982. Tony’s passion has always been with the largemouth bass and in 1991 Tony started Sure-Life Laboratories with 6 products. Today Sure-Life Laboratories manufactures 40 different formulations.

Sure-Life has many different formulas with different species and applications

Tony Gergely with the assistance of Doug Hannon and others, developed the FIRST live release formula for bass. The product was named, “Catch and Release.” This product was used by BASS in the 80’s and 90’s at all of the weigh-ins. Delayed mortality studies were conducted by various state game and fish agencies and the product was found to greatly reduce delayed mortality in bass.

A look at the actual additive

Sure-Life Catch and Release is designed to be the ultimate stress reducing livewell additive for holding and releasing bass. This new patent pending formula calms bass with a natural sedative while chemicals stimulate and protect the fish’s slime coating. It instantly removes ammonia, chlorine and other toxic harmful water treatment chemicals. The formula also boosts oxygen transfer and prevents shock and restores electrolyte balance but one of the most unique properties of the additive is that it actually disinfects against the transmission and spread of deadly pathogens.

While “Catch and Release” is designed for bass the company also offers a number of other products designed for other species. Another great product is “Redfish-Saver” which calms fish, eliminates chlorine, replaces slime coats, and actually helps heal hook wounds in Redfish.

Catch and Release not only reduces stress and protects the slime coating for bass it also disinfects against the transmission and spread of deadly pathogens


Conclusion: Only one capful of Catch and Release (equivalent to one teaspoon) is necessary to treat ten gallons of water. If used in recirculating livewells a bit more may be necessary, and the water will actually turn bluish green proving a visual indicator of the proper mix. This unique formula helps keep your fish alive in your livewell with stress reducing compounds and beneficial electrolytes, which helps strengthen the metabolism of fish caught which is important for professional anglers looking to weigh-in or any recreational catch and release fishing. Even more interesting is that Catch and Release can actually improve the health of the fish by disinfecting fish and eliminating pathogens.









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