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Skippy Fish are made for exactly what their name implies

Date: 7/20/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: SkippyFiSH
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Seems everywhere we looked at ICAST there was SkippyFiSH, a company run by Touring Pro Lou Consoli. SkippyFiSH offers a line of fluke-like baits that are designed to be skipped under docks or similar structure and get to areas where most other baits simply cannot reach.


Professional Angler Lou Consoli heads the team at SkippyFiSH


Whether it was the company’s wrapped truck prominently parked on the show floor or their presence on the show floor, or the email blasts we received in the hotel while we were writing they were everywhere. Heck, we even head to Lake Toho in Kissimmee about half an hour for the convention center after the show ended and in the parking lot… SkippyFiSH was everywhere!


SkippyFiSH lures are designed for skipping underneath docks and trees


So what exactly is SkippyFiSH? These new baits are similar to flukes but are weighted to skip under structure with spinning gear. While the heads are similar to traditional flukes the tails are more like a swimbait and are long and thin with a flat edge so they kick aggressively back and forth when retrieved or simply jerked. This extra mass at the end of the tail is also designed to give the bait some action the minute it is skipped under structure to incite immediate strikes.


SkippyFiSH lures are similar to flukes with a long swimming tail


The SkippyFiSh lures are all injected with anise oil scent so that fish hold on longer. Designed to be skipped under docks, trees, and heavily weeded areas the lure is best fished rigged weedless with a 4/0 offset hook. While this is the recommended rigging method for skipping the lure it can also be fished on drop shot rigs, Carolina rigged, or even like a swimbait when paired with a jighead.


A cavity underneath the belly of the lure provides room for the hook


This flexibility is one of the most exciting things about the SkippyFiSh is that it can be configured and fished so many different ways. It can be fished with an offset hook near the top of the water column, or rigged on a swimbait weighted hook and swam, or even rigged mojo style or on jig head for saltwater fishing. The bait is also designed for easy customization and markers can be used to add highlights like a more defined lateral line. The company also plans on possibly coming out with their own line of markers to make customization even easier.


SkippyFiSH lures can be enhanced with colored markers


The SkippyFiSH is available in ten different patterns including threadfin, baby bass, alewife, pearl and gizzard just to name a few. There are two different sizes which include 6 and 4 inch baits, and both come eight baits per pack. The 6 inch lures retail for $4.19 while the 4 inch baits cost just 40 cents less. The company is also working on other sizes ranging from extra large 8 and 9 inch and finesse 2 and 3 inch baits.


Though a weightless rig is ideal for skipping the SkippyFiSH can also be rigged with a jighead for fishing off the bottom


Conclusion: The SkippyFiSH baits are designed to be skipped and get into areas where other baits cannot in an effort to draw strikes from fish holding tight to structure like trees, docks, lily pads or even thick weeds. Rigged weightless these lures slap the top of the water and can bounce multiple times when thrown with a spinning outfit before dropping into otherwise hard to reach strike zones, once in the water the SkippyFiSH can be jerked or retrieved right through even thick structure without hanging up. Skipping lures under docks and tree branches takes some practice but the SkippyFiSh is designed specifically for this purpose, making it easier for the everyday angler to employ this valuable technique.









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