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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Coverage

A closer look at the new Skeet Reese Signature Tessera Rods from W&M

Date: 7/22/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: W&M
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

W&M partners up with Pro Angler and Bassmaster winner Skeet  Reese to introduce a signature series of bass rods that are constructed using an exclusive design. Skeet worked closely with the team at W&M to define rods for specific techniques with an emphasis on sensitivity, power, and value.  


Skeet's new rods are designed and manufactured by Wright & McGill Co. in Denver Colorado


Prior to the ICAST show we were not all that familiar with Wright & McGill Co., in fact we had never field tested a single one of their rods. The recent partnering with Bassmaster Classic winner Skeet Reese has no doubt put the limelight on the company. In addition to these rods the company is also responsible for the very exciting Lazer TroKar hooks, which Skeet is also part of.


Skeet's new rods feature what W&M calls "S-Curve Technology" a special graphite construction process


Together they have created the Skeet Reese Signature Tessera rods which feature a new blank making process that results in a rod blank that is very light, designed to be stronger than traditional graphite rods, as well as offer incredible sensitivity. Along with the blank quality, the Skeet Reese Series features zirconium oxide guides and a new handle construction that promotes traction without deadening the sensitivity of the rod.


A look at the reel seat and rubber molded handles


The Tessera graphite S-Curve lineup features six casting rods and two spinning rods designed to allow anglers to fish nearly everything in their tackle box, and they are adorned in Reese’s trademarked black and canary yellow color scheme. The rods are cleanly designed and with the instantly recognizable color pattern will match up beautifully with Skeet’s signature Abu Garcia Revo reel. We didn’t get an opportunity to feel the balance of the rod with the reel but when it comes to matching up the outfit there isn’t a better choice in terms of cosmetics.


Each rod is labeled for easy identification


“I’ve always wanted to be a part of producing a line of high quality rods that the average consumer could afford to use, and these are exactly what I’ve wanted,” he revealed.  “The rods cost $89, come with a lifetime warranty, and are tailored to my specifications and trademark color scheme; I couldn’t be any happier with the finished product,” Skeet commented about his new line of rods.


The yellow rear grip is also rubber


So what makes these rods so special? Besides being endorsed by Skeet and having an ultra aggressive price tag the Tessera rods also sports a unique build processes that gives the rod increased durability and performance.


The detailed specifications are on the split grip

This process combines T-Glass with high density graphite to form the core of the blank. Carbon yarn, PBO fiber and glass fibers are then woven into a combination of T-Glass and high density graphite to produce the blank which has increased compression resistance. The blank is then wrapped by carbon tape and high density graphite to eliminate cranking and increase breaking strength.

A look at the spinning reel seat and winding check

In addition to the eight graphite rods there is also one seven foot crankbait rod in the lineup which unlike the other rods is built with Tri-Gressive S-Glass. Which uses a combination of three separate layers of connective fibers, each of which is laid directionally apposed and bonded together using an environmentally friendly resin. The result is a rod W&M describes as 25% stronger than traditional fiberglass and features a rebound rate that approaches high modulus graphite blanks and is also lighter than normal glass rods. The Tessera rods will become available in mid August and all of the signature rods will come backed with a lifetime warranty.

The hook hanger


Talking to Skeet it was pretty obvious how excited he was about everything being released at ICAST from the rods to the TroKar hooks, and even his larger sized Lucky Craft lures. He went on to say “I am really excited about the rods, and everything that Wright and McGill Co. is doing,” Reese said.  “They are a pleasure to work with, and produce products that anyone would be proud to fish with.  The pre-orders of the rods have already overtaken initial forecasts, and the TroKar hooks are the only hooks I’ve ever felt comfortable putting my name on; these products will revolutionize bass fishing.”


Al Norakor at W&M worked closely with Skeet to get the rods ready in time for ICAST

Conclusion: If you haven’t heard of Wright & McGill Co. that’s all about to change after the launch of the TroKar hooks, which first brought Skeet Reese to the brand, as well as the new Tessera Signature rods. The Tessera rods looked good at the show and felt well balanced in hand. The new grip material looks like EVA but is more like rubber and should perform well even when wet. Overall the rods should have “mass appeal” and the strategy to bring out a quality rod at a sub 100 dollar price point has been a common theme this ICAST, but with this signature series Wright & McGill Co. aims to deliver a rod with premium features and performance, not to mention the endorsement of the hottest pro angler this year, and price it within reach of the everyday angler, and that most of all is a very good thing.








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