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Shimano's new Carbon based Stradic CI4 is a Winner


Date: 7/15/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Shimano had a big presence at the show and a bustling booth filled with buyers and media looking for information about the company’s new offerings. Jeremy Sweet was on hand to walk us through what he has been working on over the past year and this show the offerings were pretty balanced when it came to both fresh and saltwater releases. Most exciting to us were the new Core Mg and carbon fiber based Stradic reels as well as the brand new Talica II and modernized Baitrunner.


Shimano's Reel Product Manager Jeremy Sweet showed us the new TalicaII and completely redesigned Stradic

Core Mg: When Shimano Japan debuted the Aldebaran we knew it wasn’t going to be long until this lightweight reel made it over to the US, but what we didn’t know is just where in the lineup the new reel would reside. This ICAST that question was answered with the newest addition to the Core series.

The new Core 50Mg is the US version of the JDM Aldebaran

The Core Mg will be available in a 50 size and features the same lightweight magnesium frame and handle side sideplate as the Aldebaran, but in the Core grey and red motif. The non-handle sideplate is made out of graphite and the spool is the company’s Magnumlite design. Though small in size the Core Mg is designed to be powerful and comes equipped with HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) and comes loaded with seven S A-RB ball bearings plus one A-RB bearing.

The Core 50Mg is the smallest baitcaster Shimano US has debuted to date, the red highlights look quite "enthusiast"

The Core 50Mg will be available in both right and left hand retrieves and is designed for light line finesse fishing. The right hand retrieve should make it to market next month while the left hand retrieve will follow in September. It officially will be the smallest profile ever in a Shimano reel, but will have the same capacity as the CH50Mg. The reel weighs in at only 5.5oz, and cast control is courtesy of the proven VBS system beneath a 1/8th turn easy access sideplate. There are a number of nice ergonomic details including the cold forged and drilled aluminum handle shank and septon handle grips. Overall the Core Mg looks quite “enthusiast” in appearance with the red highlights both on the spool and cast control knob. At time of launch the reel will only be available in an ultra fast 7.0:1 retrieve ratio and will retail for $369.99.    

Under the sidecover is the familiar VBS lo-mass hub mounted on the Core 50mg's red magnumlite spool

Stradic CI4F: The Stradic gets a major makeover this year and when we say “major” we really mean it. From the very base materials on up the Stradic has been modernized. Making use of CI4 material the Stradic is made both lighter and stronger. So what exactly is CI4? Here is where Shimano is able to leverage their expertise in biking component design. CI4 is “Carbon Interfusion” and the “4” represents the number of electrons in the carbon atom itself. This material is significantly stronger than XT-7 graphite and was originally developed for the brake calipers on Shimano’s top end “Dura-Ace” road groupo as well as the front chainring of their XTR premium mountain bike groupo. These were the very components chosen for use by Lance Armstrong during his seven year dominance over Le Tour de France!

The Core50mg looks more aggressive than the original Core

The Stradic CI4F makes use of the carbon fiber material on both the frame and sideplate and the internals feature all the latest designs including Paladin gear durability enhancement. The reel also makes use to the complete spectrum of features within the company’s propulsion line management system as well as the Aerowrap II Oscillation. The Stradic features a waterproof drag and there are a number of features designed to make maintenance both quicker and easier including the maintenance port and a repairable clicker.

Shimano redesigns the Stradic, and in coloration it matches the Core

In terms of cosmetics the Stradic CI4F is a stark contrast from the Stradics of the past and features a much darker and more aggressive look and feel. The red spool is a nice highlight and instead of a traditional knob the reel features a round EVA handle grip that both looks and feels modern as well as matches the grips found on many higher end US and JDM rod offerings, including the company’s own Cumara series.

What is CI4? Shimano now uses carbon fiber to build a lighter and stronger Stradic than ever before

The Stradic will be available in two sizes, a 1000 and 2500 size, and is designed to focus on lightweight finesse fishing applications including shakey head, drop shot, and light Texas rigs. Both sizes feature a 6.0:1 gear ratio and the smaller 1000 size weighs in at 6.2oz while the 2500 size is 7.0oz., both reels will retail for $199.99. So how much did the buyers and press like the new Stradic? Quite a bit it seems, as the Stradic walked away with yet another ICAST win for Shimano in the “Best of Show - Freshwater Reel” category!

The new Stradic will only be available in 1000 and 2500 sizes at time of launch and is designed to focus on lightweight finesse fishing applications

Shimano’s lower end spinning reels also get a redesign and the Sienna D and Syncopate D continue the strategy of moving the company’s higher end features and technologies down the line. The key improvement to both reels is the inclusion of the propulsion line management system which improves casting performance while reducing tangles.

Very-very cool, Shimano implements a EVA handle that matches many premium JDM rods as well as the company's own Cumara rods

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