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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Coverage

Abu Garcia Introduces Factory Balanced Rods to Match the Revo and Soron Reels

Date: 7/16/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: The quest for a better balanced combo is relentless for bass anglers that fish low profile baitcasters and what better way to get it dialed in than directly from the factory. That's what Abu Garcia's new aggressively priced rods are designed exactly to do, these new rods are not only factory balanced for the popular Revo casting or Soron spinning reels but are also match up cosmetically as well.


The latest new rod from Abu Garcia... the Vendetta

Vendetta Rod: Our first impression of the new Abu Garcia Vendetta bass rods are that this new series of rods are going to be expensive. It has the appearance of a JDM rod with an EVA split grip handle design and anodized red highlights throughout. In addition the rod goes further to give anglers a premium appeal by having the butt cap laser etched with the Abu Garcia crest. But when it comes to price we couldn't be more wrong. This clean looking rod is an absolute steal with a retail price ranging from only $79.95 to $89.95.


Butt cap laser etched with the Abu Garcia crest, a very nice touch


Diving into the details of the Vendetta bass rods we find the Abu Garcia Vendetta rods are factory balanced to perfectly match Abu's Revo casting and Soron spinning reels. “The secret to this rod is the factory tuning,” explained Abu Garcia pro Stetson Blaylock. “I can use my Revo or Soron reel on these rods and fish all day on the Tour without the fatigue I get from other combos. That means I’m catching more fish and bringing a better limit to weigh in.”


Red highlights throughout, all of which are made of aluminum, the reel lock has a JDM appeal but does not click like the Japanese/European equivalents


The Vendetta rods are all one piece graphite blanks equipped with Pac Bay DPL and APL frame guides with SiC inserts and Fuji Soft-Touch ACS and VSS reel seats. A split grip design is used incorporating high-density EVA material with a one piece machined, anodized aluminum lockdown. A Texas-rig hook keeper is also used on the Vendetta rods. With these components it's design to provide the best performance and sensitivity in a lightweight package.


Only $79-89 for this amazing looking rod that uses quality components like this Fuji ACS reel seat


Seven spinning models are available ranging from a 6’3” medium action model to a 7’4” medium action rod. There are ten baitcast rods in the Vendetta series from a 6’3” medium to a 7’6” medium heavy rod. The new Abu Garcia Vendetta rods will be readily available September 2009.


Spinning: 6’3” M, 6’6” M, 6’6” MH, 6’9” ML, 7’0” M, 7’0” MH, 7’4” M

Casting: 6’3” M, 6’6” M, 6”6” MH, 6’9” MH, 7’0” M, 7’0” MH, 7’3” H, 7’3” MH, 7’6” MH, 7’6” H


Tip to butt, the Vendetta is an aggressively styled rod, one that Revo owners will actually want to fish with


Vengeance Rod: Revo fans seeking the rod with the best value and performance need to look no further. Abu Garcia introduces the new Vengeance series of spinning and baitcasting rods targeted for bass fishing.


Introducing the even more aggressively pried Vengeance rods

Vengeance rods are designed to be the functional bass fishing workhorse rod, but with the balance and features bass anglers demand. The graphite rod blank is lightweight and sensitive, yet powerful enough to handle the biggest bucket mouths. Additional features include a soft touch Sea Guide reel seat for dependable reel to rod attachment, deep pressed casting guides and OY spinning frames for smooth casts, and a high-density EVA contoured rear grip and fore grip for comfort and security.


These rods are also factory balanced for the Revo and Soron reels

For an added attractive touch, each rod has the Abu Garcia Crest laser etched into the butt cap. For convenience, the Texas rigged hook-keeper holds lures in place preventing tangles with other tackle when stored or on-deck running to the next spot.


The spinning model features a solid grip


Vengeance offers the angler 22 one-piece models, 12 spinning and 10 baitcasting. Spinning rods are available in lengths from 6’0” to 7’4” with power designations of light, medium, medium light and medium heavy. Tip actions include fast and moderate fast.


Great value rod but Abu Garcia doesn't go slim with details

The ten baitcast models start at 6’3” in length up to 7’6”. Power ratings include medium, medium heavy and heavy with fast, moderate fast and extra fast tip actions.


Spinning: 6’0” L, 6’0” M, 6’0” MH, 6’3” M, 6’6” ML, 6’6” M, 6’6” MH, 6’9” M, 7’0” ML, 7’0” M, 7’0” MH, 7’4” M

Casting: 6’3” M, 6’6” M, 6’6” MH, 6’6” H, 6’10” MH, 7’0” M, 7’0” MH, 7’0” H, 7’6” MH


Available in September the new Vengeance bass rods will retail from an exceptional price at only $49.95 to $59.95

A soft touch Sea Guide reel seat completes the package


Pure Fishing's Jim Coble shows us the exciting new rods


Conclusion: The value rod market is INSANE this year at ICAST. Every where we are looking manufacturers are offering rods at the sub 100 dollar price point, but unfortunately some of those rods simply are not the sticks that you will actually want to fish with. The Abu Garcia rods on the other hand pair nicely with Abu Garcia reels both in balance and look and feel, and yes, you would actually want to fish with these sticks. There are two quality rods and both are below $90! The new rods have details and colored highlights that make them very attractive to any angler. When they are available in stores or your favorite e-tailer this September, there is little doubt that these rods will be in high demand by fans of Abu Garcia Reels. The entire team agreed that when it comes to overall value this year at ICAST the new Abu rods are among the most compelling new offerings, and we can't wait to see what they will actually do on the water.









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