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Abu Garcia Upgrades the Revos and Introduces New Reels

Date: 7/15/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: When Abu Garcia first introduced their Revo series of low profile reels the reception from consumers was phenomenal and the popularity of this series of reels continues to this day. One would think these already great reels make would make it tough for the team at Abu Garcia to up their ante year after year but that is exactly what they manage to do, and this year is no exception.


Introducing the new Revo Toro Winch, buff like the Toro and powerful like the Winch


Revo Toro Winch Casting Reel: What do you get when you combine the Revo Toro and the Revo Winch... a Revo Toro Winch casting reel. The new Abu Garcia Revo Toro Winch low profile reel is exactly what the name suggests, it has a high line capacity spool like the Toro and the powerful low gear ratio of the Winch but at an even lower speed of 4.6:1. Anglers are able to utilize the Toro Winch to battle big game fish such as muskie, striped bass, rockfish, and halibut, and they can even use it to toss oversized swimbaits for largemouth bass.


The Revo Toro Winch will use a new Pitch Centrifugal Brake system that consists of six brake blocks, three that are spring loaded for spool control at the beginning of a cast disengaging as your bait is in flight to maxmize casting distance, and three non-spring loaded for assistance through the entire cast increasing accuracy.


The Toro Winch uses Abu's new Pitch Centrifugal Brake System


The Revo Toro Winch frame and side plate is made of X-Craftic Alloy. Housed inside this rugged reel is a Carbon Matrix Drag System that produces a hefty 22 pounds of drag force that's smooth throughout the entire range. It also has 6 HPCR (High Performance Corrosion Resistant) bearings and an anti-reverse bearing. Duragear brass gears are used to drive the reel's 4.6:1 powerful torque, and when the spool is spinning the synchronized TiN coated levelwind provides an even line lay or line control when a fish runs. Like the Toro, the Toro Winch will be available in right and left handed versions and come with both a Power Handle and an Extended Throw Paddle Handle.


4.6:1 powerful gear ratio


The Toro Winch is a low profile reel with the line capacity of the traditional round reel. The 10.3-ounce Toro Winch 50 can hold 200 yards of 14-pound test monofilament. That’s well over 100 yards more than the typical Revo reel holds. The 10.8-ounce Model 60 can be spooled with 250 yards of 14-pound test. MSRP for the 50/51 model will be $269.95 while the larger size 60/61 reel will retail for $279.95. The new Revo Toro Winch will be available September 2009.


Revo Premier Casting Reel: As mentioned earlier the Revo series is getting upgraded. The Revo Premier low profile reel gets a facelift with added gold highlights throughout the reel and a new swept handle design with flat EVA knobs. Feature wise there are a few upgrades to the new Premier. Anglers previously complained that the reel didn't produce a hefty drag force, so now Abu Garcia is ensuring 20 pounds of max drag when buttoned down. To further the reel's smoothness, Abu Garcia added 3 more HPCR bearings making it a total of 9+1 bearing count reel.


The reworked Revo Premier gets upgrades and a new look


What's completely new to the reel is the Infini Brake system, pretty much taken from Pflueger's design of dual cast control after the companies merged. The Infini Brake combines a sealed centrifugal brake with the original linear magnetic brake allowing better control during short or long casts. With the added bearings and cast control weight was added to the reel. The new 2010 Revo Premier is now 6.7 ounces instead of 6.35 ounces, a slight increase and probably well worth the trade off of new features. The Premier also has a slight price increase and will retail for $279.95 when it's available in October 2009.


Upgrades to the Revo STX


Revo STX Casting Reel: There aren't many changes here to the Revo STX. It did get an upgraded cast control system same as the Revo Premier, incorporating the Infini Brake system which uses both centrifugal and magnetic brakes. It also received a swept handle and drag star design but retains the original knobs. For the STX there is no change in price either with the upgraded features. The new casting reel, retailing for $199.99, will be available in October 2009.


STX now uses the Infini Brake System very much like what Pflueger uses


Revo SX Casting Reel: Many of the features from the current SX model still exist in the 2010 Revo SX but let's find out what's new with this popular affordable model. The reel receives an upgrade to the Infini II™ spool design. With Infini II the spool glides on special bearings for a smoother operation and longer casts. Next the linear brake has been reconfigured for enhanced performance. The magnetic linear brake on the Revo SX is now stronger with more power providing the angler with improved cast control.


The Revo SX also gets upgraded performance features including the sweep handle design that's on all of the Revos now

The Revo SX is available in right or left hand versions and in two retrieve speeds of 6.4:1 and 7.1:1. The reel also is outfitted with a redesigned bent or swept profile handle and star, for a more compact feel and look. The upgraded reel, weighing 8.89 ounces, will retail for $169.95 which is the same as the previous model. The new model will be at retailers in October 2009.


Great color combination with red highlights throughout


Revo S Casting Reel: Not only are the higher end Revos get upgraded but the Revo S as well. The low profile S get's the new Pitch Centrifugal Brake System. The new brake design provides better cast control reducing backlashes whether pitching, flipping, or on long casts. How it works is that the cast control system uses six brake blocks, three that are spring loaded and three that aren't, working independently for different types of casts. The new improved Revo S will still retail for the same price of $129.95 and will be at stores in October 2009.


Andrew Wheeler of Abu Garcia shows Team TT the new reels


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