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PRODUCTTPREVIEW: Quantum's new 150 Sized Reels Previewed Prior to Launch Tomorrow


Date: 7/14/09
Tackle Type: Reels
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: Battisti

Introduction: As presented in TackleTour’s preview a month ago, Quantum is poised to introduce a new line of reels – dubbed their 150-sized reels – at ICAST this week. The design criteria behind the development of these reels was to make a reel that had the same profile as a 100 sized reel yet maintain the line capacity of a 200 sized reel.  Well, this week, the TackleTour staff had an opportunity to field test these reels on Grand Lake, OK and see if all the hype behind this debut was all it seemed to be. 


Before tomorrow's official release we preview Quantum's new 150 size baitcasters

Let me preface this review by saying I have not thrown a Quantum reel since 1985 when the first Quantum reels were introduced to the industry. Since then I have been a staunch Shimano supporter (both Shimano USA and Shimano Japan) and own an embarrassing amount of Shimano products. So, this was definitely going to be new ground I was testing.

Quantum's new Reax, Energy, and KVD Tour are more compact than previous reels from the company

First Reaction: I arrived at Grand Lake Saturday afternoon and quickly met up with Joe Davis, the head of Quantum’s R&D Laboratory. With the initial handshakes and pleasantries over, Joe commenced into breaking out roughly 15 of the prototype reels. The reels covered the gamut of all three series (Reax, Energy and KVD Tour) and all three gear ratios (5.3:1, 6.6:1 and 7.3:1).

Mounted and ready to fish on matching Quantum rods

My first reaction to the reels was they looked and felt like a JDM product. The ergonomics of the reels was comfortable when I was palming the reel and they balanced out very well when placed on either the Quantum rods provided or on my Performance Tackle custom sticks. As with any reel I pick up, the first thing I look at is the drag – there’s nothing worse than a poorly designed drag system. So I backed off the drag, held my thumb on the spool and cranked the handle a few times to free it up. At that point I applied pressure to the drag system in small increments and turned the handle as I held the spool with my thumb. The drag operated smoothly through the entire range of the star drag. It passed the drag test – so far.

Quantum's clean looking Reax reel is the most affordable in the lineup

Next I checked out the biggest pet-peeve I have with nearly all reels manufactured today – no locking mechanism on the spool tension knob. At the time I had the KVD Tour model reel in my hand (the most expensive model they offer) and was pleasantly surprised to find they had placed a clicker in the spool tension knob. As I did this, Joe commented, “You’ll notice we’ve added a clicker to the spool tension knob on the Energy and Reax models too.” Good job Quantum.

All three reels feature Quantum's ACS3 external cast control system

The next part of my initial look turned to the casting system. These reels all incorporate the ACS3 cast control system in them, which allows the angler to adjust the nine internal centrifugal brakes without having to take off the side plate. The cast control knob moved freely and is held in place by clicker.

Quantum's Energy reel features titanium deposition coating highlights

As a side, it was previously reported that only the Tour KVD series was offered in all three gear ratios. The fact is all three series (Reax, Energy and Tour KVD) are offered in all three gear ratios. The blistering fast High Speed Performance Tuned (HPT) “Burner” (7.3:1), the Speed Performance Tuned (SPT) “Speed” (6.6:1) and the Power Performance Tuned (PPT) “Power” (5.3:1).

Quantum's Tour KVD reel features familiar red highlights and a carbon fiber handle

Next Section: On the water tests with all three reels









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