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ICAST 2009 Coverage

MegaStrike gets innovative with their new lures


Date: 7/28/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: MegaStrike
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: MegaStrike is best known for there popular fish attractant which bears the same name as the company itself but over the last eight years has built a name for themselves as an innovator of sorts when it comes to jigheads and lures.


The Mega-Strike Strike back may look like a normal spinnerbait...


Strike Back Spinnerbait: MegaStrike kicks things off this ICAST with the bait that "strikes back." This new spinnerbait looks relatively standard out of the package except for the high quality faceted blades, but once you pick up the lure the rear section swings to either side. The mid section is jointed for a number of reasons. First, for a unique action, with the head stationary and the tail section being loose the bait will vibrate more than a solid bodied spinner bait. Second, because the design offers more freedom of movement no matter what direction the fish attacks the lure it is easier to get a solid hookset in and keep fish pinned on.


...but it has a hinged body


The Strike Back features a strong stainless steel light wire shaft, large 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hooks, and a custom trailer keeper for adding your favorite trailer for even more vibration. They come in three sizes and five patterns and will retail for $7.95 each. 


A new stickbait, the Wing-Ding


Wing-Ding: The Wing-Ding has a funny name, and it looks like a pair of Senkos that crossed paths, but this bait is all about a differentiated action. This crossed stickbait can be rigged both Texas and Wacky style and features a bigger profile designed for targeting bigger fish. So what is the Wing-Ding designed to actually look like?  It replicates a struggling baitfish or a dragonfly on the surface and can be worked up on top or down deep.


The Wing-Ding rigged weedless


The Wing-Ding can also be jerked and the arms will wave like a bird. With a large profile and the ability to be fished weedless the Wing-Ding is designed to target largemouth, smallmouth, speckled trout and redfish.    


Notice how the Mega-Dog's tail runs perpendicular to the body, this helps the lure's tail kick back and forth when it is fished


Mega-Dog: The Mega-Dog is a wide bodied bait that has tail wagging action. Half swimbait half grub the ribbed body displaces water while the tail wags and kicks sending vibrations through the water. It can be fished Texas style or flipped and pitched effectively. 


The Mega-Bug is designed to be flipped and pitched in and around heavy structure


Mega-Bug: How do you go more "mega" than the mega-Dog? Try the Mega-Bug, a 4 inch beaver style creature bait with a wide body and six appendages. The claws flap while the legs swim when the bug is moved. The mega-Bug is designed for flipping heavy mats of grass, fishing rocks or heavy cover.


The Mega-Bug on the Mega Strike e2 jig


The Mega-Bug is a great bait to pair with a tungsten weight for fishing in and around heavy vegetation and also makes an excellent jig trailer. At the booth it was paired with the company's own e2 jig which features a hydrodynamically balanced body which keeps the lure up allowing the bait the ability to draw more attention from fish.


Bobby and the team at Mega-Strike know how to build dynamic baits


Conclusion: Bobby Uhrig, President of MegaStrike, started the business with one product...fish attractant. This year MegaStrike steps it up with the introduction of a line of plastics that are infused with his popular amino acid based attractant. But it isn't just plastics for 2010, the new Strike Back spinner bait features the same level of innovation that Bobby's products are known for and should garner plenty of interest from anglers that are looking for originality in blades.









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