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The Boomerang Tool will come back to you


Date: 7/25/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Boomerang Tool Co.
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Once in a while you see a tool and think "that's a good idea, why didn't I think of that." In the case of Boomerang Tool Company the two owners made that idea a reality with their patented retractable multi-use pliers which is designed to end the frustration of dropping pliers over the deck of your boat and at the same time keeping them always within easy reach.


Daniel Cornell demonstrates the integrated lanyard at work


"They will come back to you," is what we were told when we checked out BTC's new pliers. Designed with a built in retractable cable these pliers can attach to a belt, boat, tackle box, or fishing vest and be drawn quickly when needed. The built in retractor is strong enough to pull the pliers all the way back to the original position, and to demonstrate owner Daniel Cornell stepped out of his booth and flung the pliers forward, and sure enough they came right back into his hands. It was instantly pretty obvious where the name "Boomerang" came from.


The Boomerang Tool is a patented design and has a retractable lanyard built into the handle itself


Unlike normal pliers that have a short lanyard the Boomerang pliers come all the way back to the original position, yet offer a great deal of freedom with 36 inches of lanyard. The lanyard like the pliers is designed to be extra durable and is made out of extra durable Kevlar cable. 


At the end of the lanyard is a ring that makes it easy to attach the tool to a boat, belt loop, or fishing vest


When the cable is extended you can feel the retractor pulling on the line so if you plan on using the pliers for an extended period you can lock the line in place similarly how you would lock down a tape measure with a brake. The cable brake is located up on the handle and can be easily engaged and disengaged with your thumb.


It is possible to lock the 36" Kevlar cable anywhere in place with the cable brake


The pliers are made out of aluminum and the metal extends through the handles all the way to the jaws. The use of aluminum makes the plies lighter and to cut braid carbide cutters are built into the jaws. These cutters are held in place with screws and can be replaced. 


The jaws are made of aluminum and a carbide cutter is designed to slice through braided line


The Boomerang Tool also features oversized ergonomic glass reinforced nylon handles. The pliers we saw at the show were still prototypes and the final mass production units will be more refined. Each pair of pliers will retail for $34.95 and the replaceable blade kit is $9.95. The pliers come with a ring at the end of the Kevlar lanyard that can attach to gear but we think many anglers will still want a sheath and the company will be introducing an accessory sheath for $5.95 later down the line. The current version is not spring loaded but a spring loaded version will also be available for those who want the option. 


Owners and designers Phil Malvini (left) and Daniel Cornell (right) show us the new Boomerang Tool


Conclusion: With an idea born in a garage the Boomerang tool is designed to give anglers the ability to draw a quality pair of pliers without worrying about losing it over the edge of the dock or boat. The pliers will become available in about three weeks  and each pair comes with a two year warranty for additional peace of mind. The Boomerang tool appears light and strong and is designed for a variety of outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, camping, or any outdoor activity requiring a convenient and reliable pair of pliers.









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