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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Xtools debuts a smart mouthed scale and upgraded pliers

Date: 9/02/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: XTools
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: XTools are well known for their revolutionary floating tools designed for both fresh and saltwater. The company produces a wide assortment of tools from pliers to digital scales, and this ICAST the company debuted new feature rich additions to their collection.


Introducing the new GripNWeigh GNW30 with a Voice feature


GripNWeigh 30: We got a kick out of this one when Andrew Wheeler, Pure Fishing's Product Manager, showed us the new GripNWeigh GNW30. This digital scale is similar to XTools' other scales but what's new is a voice comment feature that can be turned on or off. Here are some random phrases you can expect to hear from the GripNWeigh 30 while it announces the weight of your fish (no smart talk for fish between 3 to 5 pounds).


When your fish weighs less than 3 pounds:


   "What are you doing? Catching bait?"


   "You know, there are bigger fish down there"


   "That's some fish! Don't strain yourself"


When your fish weighs more than 5 pounds:


   "That's a wall hanger!"


   "That's a monster!"


   "Now that's a fish!"


A stainless steel hook is used to hold onto the fish


Along with the ability to announce the measured weight of your catch, the GNW30 also features a high and low volume option match your surroundings. The floating digital scale makes use of a corrosion resistant stainless steel hook assembly to hold your catch while it is being weighed. A high visible digital LCD is used and the unit has the ability to store 9 fish weights and total weight of your catch.


The voice feature announces the weight of your fish plus some entertaining remarks


The new GripNWeigh can weigh fish up to 30 pounds and anglers have the choice to select either pounds or kilograms as the unit of measurement. The "talking" XTools digital scale retails for $59.99 to $64.99 and is now available at retailers.


The new floating HybridXPliers


HybridXPliers: When the first XTools floating pliers were introduced, they were great for everyday applications but the jaws/nose on them didn't have that gripping power of a metal jaws. That's where the new HybridXPliers come into play. The new set of pliers feature stainless steel jaws with offset teeth for that sure grip, enhanced durability, and is replaceable if they do get worn out.


These pliers have a stainless steel jaws


Cutting braided and mono line is simple with the Tungsten Carbide Cutter


The HybridXPliers also incorporate a Tungsten Carbide cutter for easy cutting of braided lines. Both the jaws and cutter are corrosion resistant and can be used by freshwater and saltwater anglers.


Two of the four models come with a sheath


Different sizes and styles are available for these pliers - 9" HybridXPliers, 9" HybridXPliers with Sheath, 7" Hybrid Bentnose Pliers, and 7" Hybrid Bentnose Pliers with Sheath. All pliers float and comes with a safety lanyard. The new pliers are now available and will retail from $12.99 and up.


Bentnose pliers can make some jobs easier


BaitXNets: Big game anglers along with other bait fishermen will surely be keen on this bait net. It's not just any net but one that's specifically designed to be effective and harmless to help keep your bait fresh and kicking. First of all, most of the bait nets sink to the bottom of livewells. Anglers have to reach in to retrieve the net each time it's used. The BaitXNet, like other XTools, are designed to float. This bait net will always be afloat in the bait tank to easy access.


The BaitXNet features a fish friendly netting material


Next is the netting. XTools actually spent the time to select the proper netting material that's fish friendly. The netting is durable yet soft, preventing any unnecessary harm that could prematurely kill the live bait.


An aluminum construction makes it corrosion resistant


The XTools BaitXNet is corrosion resistant with an aluminum construction. It has a flared hoop design for easy scooping of your live bait. And it's designed with a soft grip handle that won't slip even when it's soaking inside the bait tank. The nets are available in a 12 inch and 18 inch size and they will retail for $14.99 and $19.99.


 This bait net will keep afloat in your livewell


Conclusion: XTools was founded six years ago and their goal when they started was to introduce a series of revolutionary tools. They successfully did so by developing floating tools and this coming season the team will be releasing a few new and exciting tools that will surely come in handy. The "talking" GripNWeigh is functional and entertaining, and the HybridXPliers with the stainless steel jaws further refine Xtool's pliers offering for the tougher jobs that simply demand more. Whether it is a smart mouthed scale or a bait friendly floating net the company has a few more appealing offerings sporting blue and green this season.











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