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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Coverage

Twin Troller boat offers foot control and is an economical option for anglers

Date: 7/20/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: Carolina boats
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: ICAST is without a doubt reel and rod heaven, but the show isn't just about traditional tackle, and there are always one or two watercraft manufacturers that introduce an offering worth taking a serious look at. With the rising costs of fuel smaller more portable electric boats are becoming more and more attractive, and the new Twin Troller offers hands free maneuverability.


Frank Jones, president of Carolina Electric Boats shows us the Twin Troller X10 which features embedded motors and can maneuver unlike any other boat


A concept version of the Twin Troller X10 was created by life-long Benson resident Warren Lee nearly four years ago. Mr. Jones, a 1985 N.C. State Mechanical Engineering graduate, formed the company in the spring of 2005 with the goal to create affordable electric powered boating options for the boating public. Self funded in the beginning, the company attracted additional private funding to refine product designs, develop product patents, arrange for manufacturing of the roto-molded polyethylene hulls, and develop the distribution and marketing of this unique watercraft. Manufactured using NOVA Chemicals’ SURPASS® polyethylene resin, Carolina Electric Boats products are designed to be durable, tough and eco friendly as they are completely recyclable.


The Twin Troller is 10 feet in length and 48" in width and has a capacity of 585 pounds


The electric Twin Troller Boat with its hands-free maneuverability is designed to change the way anglers fish. This innovative new boat features a embedded twin motor design that is controlled by anglers feet while they are sitting in the boat. The Twin Troller X10 is 10 feet in length, 48" in width, and weighs 175lbs. the boat is capable of holding 585lbs, and has an outboard rating of 2hp should you want to add another motor. The two electric motors housed in within the hull are Motorguide heads with 36lbs of thrust. The battery life with a normal battery is 6-8 hours, and the boat is capable of achieving 4-6 knots, depending on conditions.


A look at the underside and you can see the two Motorguide heads, notice how they are embedded and protected. this boat can go where no other boats can because the motor is not positioned below the hull


The independently operating twin electric motors offer unmatched positioning on the water and a zero- degree turning radius. The sportsman can easily shift from forward to reverse, or change direction with the simple movements of the variable speed foot pedals. The pedals actually lock into the bottom of the boat and can be placed either in front of the rear or front seating position.


The Twin Troller is actually solid and made of polyethylene resin which is tougher and lighter than fiberglass


“The sleek new hull design, with its two 36-lb.-thrust recessed electric motors, allow the boat to work effectively in as little as 6 to 8 inches of water,” explained Frank Jones, President of Carolina Electric Boats.  “Fishing is much more productive when the sportsman’s hands are free to cast and not struggling to maintain position on the water or worry about underwater obstacles,” said Jones.


Just add a battery and your ready to go


Because the boat has two motors it can be maneuvered much more accurately than other boats. In fact if you were to lift and depress the pedals in opposite directions the boat would do a quick 360 turn unlike any other watercraft.


Control the motors independently with two pedals, in this configuration you will do a 360. Notice how the pedals lock into the recessed groove in the floor

The boat does feature fish friendly features including a recessed area so that you can lay down rods flat on the side with the reels resting inside the hull. Unlike other pontoon boats the seats are also secured in a track and can be adjusted back and forth and removed but will not rock during fishing. There is also a convenient fish ruler to measure your catch, and there is plenty of room inside the boat for tackle.

The seats will not rock as they are secured in a track


With its lightweight design, the virtually unsinkable, 10-foot Twin Troller X10 weighs approximately 175 lbs. and can be easily loaded into a truck bed, or towed by any size vehicle. The total weight capacity is 585 lbs. and offers extreme stability for two persons.


A fish ruler is an added bonus

With the price of fuel rising, Jones anticipates that the electric powered boats will appeal to the fishing community. “Operating costs are minimal, offering our customers more time and enjoyment on the water,” Jones continued.

No visible motors underneath this new boat!

Twin Troller's patented new boat will be a welcome addition to anglers looking for a quick and economical way to get on the water. There are some obvious advantages with the design which include improved maneuverability, no motors below the hull which enable this boat to go where other boats can't, and the ability to maneuver the boat hands free. These boats will retail for $2195 fully equipped and are available now, the best way to get one is direct from the manufacturer. 









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