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A Truly Exotic Saltwater Spinning Reel, the new ZeeBaaS ZX-2 (continued)

Inside the drag ZeeBaaS uses two sealed plates in the spool which are combined with specially developed woven, carbon-fiber materials. The main drag plate is made form lightweight metal finished in a hard ceramic composite surface. This is the same technology used in the Porsche 911 ceramic brake upgrade. The result is a high performance linear drag which generates 25lbs on the ZX20 and 40lbs on the ZX27.

ZeebaaS makes it easy to lubricate the key moving parts and using their special water absorbing oil just by watching the color of the oil you will know when it is necessary to service the reel

To protect the ZeeBaaS from the elements each reel is coated with a “Z-coat finish” which is a military spec coating that has been slightly altered to meet the specifications of fishing applications. Z-coat offers five times the corrosion resistance of other high end reels on the market. The frame, spool, rotor, and foot are all coated.

A look at the black satin reel

ZeeBaaS ZX2 reels will be available shortly after the show and are available in Ti-grey or Satin Black finishes. The reels will retail for 849-949 depending on reel size, and is available in a complete collectible kit with maintenance tools and accessories for 1400 dollars. 

ZeebaaS offers different handles and knobs as options

The ZeeBaaS spinning reel is manufactured in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. There are accessory options including special lubricants, different handle lengths, and varying shaped knobs.

ZeebaaS is also working on a premium knife for anglers, one that matches the ZX2 in style and refinement

While the ZX2 is the company’s focus Robert showed us another project in the works, a new high end knife designed for fishermen, but also great for the everyday outdoorsmen.

Press the top button and the knife opens 1/4 of the way

Unlike other knife housings that are two pieces and bolted together the handle for the ZeeBaaS knife is all one machined piece of metal. By pressing your finger on the top button the blade will swing out ¼ of the way out and then can be opened by your thumb in a smooth action.

There is a large area for you to place your thumb on top of the blade

The blade is unique in design and unlike other knives that have a thin area on top to put your thumb on to increase leverage the ZeeBaaS knife has a large area where you can really drive the blade downward against your cutting surface.

The housing is machined solid, no seams here

There is a small blade on the top of the knife designed to cut braid. This blade can be changed out, and the cool thing is that even when the knife is closed this small blade can still be accessed. So you can cut line simply by using the handle in knife in closed position.

Even when closed anglers can cut line with the small blade in the grip

The knife felt very solid and will make a great companion for the ZeeBaaS ZX2 reel. Retail pricing has not been set but it will be sub 300 dollars, and the knife will be available in early fall.

Robert (center) and the ZeebaaS team and their exotic new products

Robert may have built the new ZeeBaaS ZX 2 from a unique heritage of innovation but it is obvious that the ZX 2 is as modern and exotic as they come. It is only appropriate that the father of Van Staal reels introduce a product like the ZX2. These truly are the Ferrari of saltwater spinning reels, and like an exotic car they seem full of life just sitting still, one can only imagine what a thrill it is to take one of these for a “spin.”









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