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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Coverage

A Truly Exotic Saltwater Spinning Reel, the new ZeeBaaS ZX-2

Date: 7/19/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: ZeeBaaS
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: ZeeBaaS is the creation of the Robert Koelewyn, the designer, engineer, manufacturer of the original Van Staal Saltwater Spinning Reel. This ICAST Robert unveiled the new ZX2 series spinning reel which is designed to simply to be the best spinning reel in the world, and is a breakthrough in size, style, and overall user experience.


Leave all compromise outside this booth, ZeebaaS is designed to the ultimate saltwater spinning reel

ZeeBaaS is Dutch for “Ocean Boss” and the company is all about premium performance and style. The company’s first product was the ZX spinning reel which was already a truly exotic offering, but the newest product, the ZX2, takes the company’s design to new heights.

Meet the new ZeebaaS ZX 2, an exotic premium class reel from the father of Van Staal, Robert Koelewyn

The new ZX2 picks up right where the ZX left off and is a series of dual function saltwater spinning reels. There are four main models in the series the ZX 20, ZX 22, ZX 25, and ZX27 with the ability to further customize. The new design is defined by the ability to modify just about every aspect of the reel. The reel can be modified for left or right hand use, and the strength to power ratio (40lb drag versus 20oz weight) is impressive.

The reel is available in different sized spools

The ZX2 features unmistakable style and meticulous craftsmanship that is the result of tradition and engineering innovation and Robert’s desire to blend design with simplicity. This is displayed by how easy it is to break the reel down to it’s core components. Within two minutes of talking to us Robert was able to break the reel down into four easy to service parts.

Machined to perfection the ZX2 is just as much about style is it is about performance

The attention to detail in the all machined reel is unrivaled, and extra steps are taken to improve refinement and performance, like using aerospace grade billet aluminum, 6AL-4V titanium, and 304/316 marine grade stainless steel. These top end materials and sealed design make this reel fully submersible and salt water corrosion resistant, a must have feature for surf anglers.

ZeebaaS makes a optional bail available

Robert commented “this reel is the smoothest, strongest and most sophisticated reel we’ve ever designed, and is engineered with user flexibility in mind.” The ZeeBaaS ZX2 has the ability to accommodate spools from 2.0 to 2.75inches in diameter, and multiple bail conversions. This allows consumers to pick up one ZX2 body and use it with different spools for a wider range of applications.

ZeebaaS makes use of a ceramic/carbon drag system much like the one found in Porsche 911 upgrade

Inside the reel we saw a surprisingly simple, yet very refined gearing system. The high efficiency spiral bevel gears are made from hardened stainless steel and were actually designed using aerospace gear technology.

The reel may look complicated but is designed for quick and easy servicing

ZeeBaaS consulted with major aerospace gear manufacturers to help further reduce gear noise while further increasing the reel’s tolerance for stress. Robert explained that the ZeeBaaS bevel gears are as much as 15% more efficient than the typical hypoid gears used by other manufacturers, and this translates to more power.

One twist and you have access to the master gearing

A good saltwater reel also needs to have plenty of fish stopping power and the ZeeBaaS features a patent pending feature that allows anglers to adjust the drag with their thumb, wheeling the drag knob easily for tighter or loose settings.

ZeebaaS coats major parts like the shaft with Titanium

Exotic in and out, and a new knife too









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