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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

New and improved baitcast and spinning reels by Quantum (continued)

Cabo PTs Star Drag Conventional: The Cabo PTs Star Drag conventional reels have been around for quite some time now and it was time to give it a spin, and it was a good one. The guys at Quantum did their homework and took much advice from saltwater experts to develop this fine reel.


Here is the new redesigned Cabo PTs Star Drag conventional reel


The Quantum Cabo PT Star Drag reel is much more aggressive than before and the components look extremely durable. The detailing that went onto the reel is a nice added touch. The Cabo PT conventional uses a star drag system, a Continuous Anti-Reverse with backup pawl and ratchet system, 8 shielded PT bearings, oversized brass gear and brass pinion, 6-layer corrosion protection, and a carbon fiber multi-stack drag system.


Notice the concave cross members


Quantum Cabo PT Conventional

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
CNW16LPTs 9 24.0 oz 20/350 6.2:1
CNW20LPTs 9 24.5 oz 30/380 6.2:1
CNW30LPTs 9 25.2 oz 40/365 6.2:1


The new reel is very attractive and the handle can be placed in two different positions for different speed/torque


Though the Cabo utilizes a cast aluminum frame and side covers, Bob Bagby, VP of Marketing at Zebco/Quantum, pointed out to us that the frame as an additional feature that many of would miss. Because the reel is a non-levelwind anglers, especially those who are new to these type of reels, will get line bulked up in one place, and normally that's in the center. The cross members on the frame is actually made concave if you were to look from the spool. It's not a huge amount where it can affect the structural integrity but it's enough to help an angler who has a little trouble managing line especially when fighting a big fish.


The Quantum Cabo PTs Star Drag conventional reels will be available in around November and will retail from $229 to 249.


Like the freshwater series the Energy PTs baitcast is also redesigned


Energy PTs: You've seen the redesigned Energy PT freshwater baitcast reel. The saltwater version is pretty much the same profile and specifications except this reel gets some upgraded to be able to survive in the corrosive saltwater environment.


Micro ACS is used on the reel. A 6-layer Saltguard Corrosion Protection System protects the frame and side covers


Quantum Energy PT

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
E100HPTs 9 7.5 oz 12/150 7.0:1
E101HPTs 9 7.5 oz 12/150 7.0:1
E100SPTs 9 7.5 oz 12/150 6.3:1
E101SPTs 9 7.5 oz 12/150 6.3:1


Left and right hand models are available


The Energy PTs has a machined aluminum frame, side covers, and front support. The entire reel is coated with Quantum's 6-layer Saltguard Corrosion Protection System. The low profile saltwater baitcast reel uses 9 PT bearings, Quantum's new Micro ACS cast control system, ceramic drags, and will have a gear ratio of 7.0:1 (Burner) and 6.3:1 speeds. According to Quantum specs the reel will produce a drag force of 18 pounds on the Burner and 19 pounds on the slower speed reel. Quantum will be releasing both reels in right and left hand retrieves and will retail for $199.


Easy to palm low profile saltwater reel


Catalyst PTs: Because of the redesign in the freshwater low profile reels the Catalyst PTs saltwater also gets the upgrades to size and features. The Catalyst PTs will have similar features as the Energy PTs mentioned above but will only use 7 PT bearings.


Here's the new Catalyst PTs


Quantum Catalyst PT

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
CT100HPTs 7 7.5 oz 12/150 7.0:1
CT101HPTs 7 7.5 oz 12/150 7.0:1
CT100SPTs 7 7.5 oz 12/150 6.3:1
CT101SPTs 7 7.5 oz 12/150 6.3:1


In person the blue accent is much more attractive than this poor photo


The Quantum Catalyst PTs saltwater low profile reels will be available around November 2008 and will retail for $169.


Thanks to Bob Bagby and his team for showing us the latest and greatest products


Conclusion: Quantum's new and redesigned products boast improved features and a signifigant weight reduction, especially on their low profile baitcast reels. The PT spinning reels are back once again in a form factor  that anglers will relish and the baitcast reels all get a complete redesign with the Tour Edition PT baitcast reel in particular delivering plenty of "bling" and weighing in at only 7.0 ounces. Quantum also touched up their saltwater products and in this category is looking particularly strong. There were a few other new products at the booth but these were the ones that really shone and we wanted to highlight these first. To sum it up Quantum brought their "A" game this year and fans of the brand better start saving because there is plenty of temptation.












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