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New and improved baitcast and spinning reels by Quantum (continued)

Energy PT spinning: It's not just the Tour Edition that gets the redesign but so does the rest of the family. The Energy PT will look more like the version before Quantum installed that huge line management/roller system last year. That system added weight and this year Quantum want to go as lightweight as possible.


Here's the smallest size of the Energy PT spinning reel


The Energy PT spinning reel will have all the goodies as the Tour Edition PT these exceptions, 10 bearings and instead of the nice high-end titanium handle the Energy PT gets a machined aluminum cranking handle which feels pretty nice.


Details and perforated parts all around


Quantum Energy PT spinning

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
E10PTi-B 10 8.7 oz 6/100 5.3:1
E20PTi-B 10 10.7 oz 6/140 5.2:1
E30PTi-B 10 11.1 oz 8/160 5.2:1
E40PTi-B 10 12.8 oz 10/230 5.2:1


This is a prototype, the production model will not have all the detailing shown here


Anglers who are looking for an awesome spinning reel or liked the Energy PT spinning reel before the changes were made last season, will be able to gain all that back and more in October 2008. The retail price will be $169 and will be available in the popular sizes.


The Catalyst PT will have the same color as the baitcasting version


Catalyst PT spinning: The Catalyst spinning reel is probably one of the most popular and it's one that I really like, especially for it's performance at a great value. The reel has the features of the higher level reels but it only has 8 bearings, a durable multi-coat finish, and a collapsible machined handle.

The ThinLine body is extremely slim


Quantum Catalyst PT spinning

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
CT10PTi-B 8 8.3 oz 6/100 5.3:1
CT20PTi-B 8 10.4 oz 6/140 5.2:1
CT30PTi-B 8 10.7 oz 8/160 5.2:1
CT40PTi-B 8 12.4 oz 10/230 5.2:1


A detailed drag knob on the Catalyst PT


These PT spinning reels will be offered in the 10 to 40 sizes with the standard gear ratios and in the same orange as the baitcast version of the Catalyst PT. These reels can be had in October 2008 for only $139.


Introducing the Kinetic PT spinning reel


Kinetic PT spinning: I can really applaud to the redesign of the entire PT spinning family. The Kinetic has been an all time favorite for many and like the others, it's back to the state where everyone loved them. These reels are absolutely solid and has all the specs mentioned in the Tour Edition PT spinning, but here are the differences. The Kinetic PT has only 6 bearings but the same machined aluminum handle as the Energy and Catalyst PT spinning reels.


The new Kinetic PT gets more bling and actually looks to be of a reel in the above $100 price level


Quantum Kinetic PT spinning

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
KT10PTi-B 6 8.3 oz 6/100 5.3:1
KT20PTi-B 6 10.4 oz 6/140 5.2:1
KT30PTi-B 6 10.7 oz 8/160 5.2:1
KT40PTi-B 6 12.4 oz 10/230 5.2:1


Red highlights look really nice on this spinning reel


Remember how the Kinetic spinning reel used to look kind of blend, well, this year this PT reel gets some bling added onto it. You will see red highlights throughout the reel that makes it very attractive and looking like a reel that can easily sell for over $100. The Quantum Kinetic PT reel, like the others, are available in October and will retail for only $99.


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