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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

New and improved baitcast and spinning reels by Quantum

Date: 7/16/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Quantum: In June 2008 we already gave you an in-depth preview of Quantum's high-end baitcast reels which consist of the Tour Edition PT, Energy PT, and the Catalyst PT. These reels have undergone a major redesign and they look stunning. But today Quantum proved they have more up their sleeves. As we walked up to the booth we were greeted by Bob Bagby and he immediately introduced us to all the hot items.


Here's the new Quantum Tour Edition PT baitcast reel


Tour Edition PT: Again here's the Tour Edition PT that we introduced last month. This is Quantum's top of the line reel and from the feel of it on the show floor they did a good job on both performance and appearance. And after grasping one in hand, oh boy, you can totally feel the weight difference from the previous models. The reel is now only 7.0 ounces and still holds 11 high performing bearings.


The carbon fiber handle is quite attractive on the Tour Edition PT along with the red marbled plastic detailing on the knobs


Quantum Tour Edition PT

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
TE100HPT 11 7.0 oz 12/110 7.0:1
TE101HPT 11 7.0 oz 12/110 7.0:1
TE100SPT 11 7.0 oz 12/135 6.3:1
TE101SPT 11 7.0 oz 12/135 6.3:1


In person the reel looks even better than in photos. The details on the reel are a nice touch, and the carbon fiber handle plus knobs are a good addition. Now we know exactly what the knob material is made out of. The red outer detailing is a plastic marbled material that actually looks good in person.


The new low profile is very comfortable to palm


What was not mentioned in our previous preview article is that all the new baitcast reels, freshwater and saltwater, will have a new maintenance port that's well hidden in the inner bottom portion of the gear housing area. This allows you to gain access to quick maintenance if needed.


Here you will see the two versions, one deeper and one shallower spool


The Quantum Tour Edition PT will have both right and left handed models. The reels will be available in late October and will retail for $279.99.


All of the new baitcast reels will have a maintenance port


Energy PT: The Energy PT baitcast reel is gets the redesign as well, and as mentioned there will be 5 models, one being a low speed 5.1:1 gear ratio for cranking and other power needed application.


Left and right hand models will be released at the same time

Quantum Energy PT

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
E100HPT 9 7.8 oz 12/110 7.0:1
E101HPT 9 7.8 oz 12/110 7.0:1
E100SPT 9 7.8 oz 12/135 6.3:1
E101SPT 9 7.8 oz 12/135 6.3:1
E100PPT 9 7.8 oz 12/135 5.1:1


Here is a look at the smaller Micro ACS cast control system

The Energy PT casting reels will be available in the October timeframe and will have a MAP of $189.


Lightweight was the idea with all of their baitcast reels this year. The Energy PT weighs only 7.8 ounces


Catalyst PT: The Catalyst PT is a new addition to Quantum's baitcast series. The reel has attractive orange side plates and other detailed highlights throughout. The Catalyst PT also has the same profile of the other two reels mentioned above but it only has a machined aluminum frame and side cover, 7 PT bearings, Micro ACS cast control, and ceramic drag system.


Introducing the new Catalyst PT


Quantum Catalyst PT

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
CT100HPT 7 7.8 oz 12/110 7.0:1
CT101HPT 7 7.8 oz 12/110 7.0:1
CT100SPT 7 7.8 oz 12/135 6.3:1
CT101SPT 7 7.8 oz 12/135 6.3:1


The Catalyst PT reels are offered in both left and right hand retrieve and comes in Burner 7.0:1 and 6.3:1 gear ratios. These reels will be available in October and they can be handle for only $149.


Left and right hand models are available

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