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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Pflueger improves upon popular models while Shakespeare introduces new reels

Date: 7/17/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: We are still reporting to you live from ICAST. There are so much new products that we are trying to get them published on TackleTour as quickly as we can. Continuing with reels that we haven't mentioned yet are a few of the companies that just joined the Pure Fishing family, Pflueger and Shakespeare. Here we'll highlight their most exciting offerings displayed on the show floor.


The new President gets a complete redesign. Notice the lower profile similar to the Patriarch


Pflueger President Casting Reel: The Pflueger President baitcast reel has been extremely popular since its first introduction years back. The reel continues to perform and it was time for the President reel to get a complete makeover.


Handle side of the President casting reel


The new 2009 President casting reel will take on a similar profile as Pflueger's top of the line Patriarch low profile reel. This actually makes the President feel even smaller than before even though they are supposed to be the same sized reel.


The reel palms very nicely


The President baitcasting houses 9+1 double shielded stainless steel bearings. The frame is built on a one piece solid aluminum stock along with a new aluminum handle. The reel also features a six pin centrifugal brake system, a multi-disc carbon fiber drag system, and has a gear ratio of 6.4:1. The reel will be available in the standard and wide version, and right now only in right hand retrieve. The new President casting reel will be available later this year with a retail price of $149.95.


The reel is available in wide or standard size


Pflueger Medalist Spinning Reel: The Medalist isn't a new model but this year the spinning reel gets an upgrade. Because many anglers would use the reel for both freshwater and saltwater applications, Pflueger knew they would have to make this reel more rugged and they did so by introducing a redesigned Medalist with an all aluminum construction. You will see very little plastics used on this reel as it is built to be tough.


Introducing the more rugged Pflueger Medalist


The Pflueger Medalist features a drive train that's supported by stainless steel ball bearings with a one-way clutch bearing. The reel uses a multi-disc carbon fiber front drag system that's sealed to keep the harmful elements out. The frame and rotor are both constructed out of aluminum to ensure the best ruggedness as mentioned above.


The drag system is sealed


Slim body profile


The Pflueger Medalist is available in 8 different models, ranging from ultralight to heavy saltwater sizes that are equipped with Power Knobs. The new more rugged Medalist reels will retail for only $89.95.


Another view of the new Medalist


Shakespeare Deceiver MTL3 Spinning Reel: This year at ICAST there were a lot of good tackle that can be had for little cost, and one of them is this new Shakespeare Deceiver MTL3 spinning reel that retails for only $39.99.


Introducing the $39.99 Deceiver MTL3 spinning reel by Shakespeare


The new Deceiver MTL3 reel features a hybrid 3-piece  body construction that has a mixture of a metal stem, a metal sideplate, and a graphite body. It houses 9+1 bearings and have a double-ported aluminum spool. It also features an aluminum bail wire, and titanium-coated lip spool and line roller.


The thin body style


The reel is offered in a blazing orange finish


There are a total of four models in this series with the smallest size having a 5.2:1 gear ratio while the other sizes have a 6.2:1 ratio. The Deceiver MTL3 spinning reel comes in a hot orange color and as mentioned above will only retail for $39.99.


A great looking reel for $39.99


Conclusion: This year both Pflueger and Shakespeare actually had a lot of show us but here we are highlighting the most exciting products. Pflueger redesigns the President casting reel to give it a smaller profile similar to the Patriarch baitcaster. The reel actually feels smaller but is the same size capacity as before. The Medalist gets an upgrade in the durability department, now having the reel made out of aluminum and much less plastic components, tailoring to both freshwater and saltwater anglers. And lastly, Shakespeare spinning reels are amazing for the price. The new Deceiver MTL3 series costs only $39.99, which is an incredible value reel for its features. This year it's all about quality and affordable products, where many manufactures like the two mentioned here will be offering a lot of good products for a great value.













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