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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Fin-Nor introduces a levelwind reel for lighter line applications and a new sailfish rod

Date: 8/10/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: Fin-Nor
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: This year at ICAST the saltwater powerhouse that is Fin-Nor introduced new products for offshore fishing designed by seasoned big game anglers. This season new levelwind reels join the Offshore Casting series reels and a sailfish specific rod is also debuted.


Introducing the new Fin-Nor Offshore Star Drag Levelwind


Offshore Star Drag Levelwind: Just one year ago we were first introduced to the Fin-Nor Offshore Casting reels. This year Fin-Nor adds additional models that include a convenient levelwind to make fishing easier for those times that having this option simply makes sense.


Fin-Nor Offshore Star Drag Levelwind

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
OFL16L 5 23.5 oz 20/350 4.3:1
OFL20L 5 24.2 oz 30/380 4.3:1
OFL30L 5 25.0 oz 40/365 4.3:1


Not only does the Offshore Stardrag conventional reel have a levelwind but it is also designed smaller, lighter, and stronger. According to Ray More of Fin-Nor, he explained to us that they compared this new reel to their competitors and they are almost 20 percent smaller in size but still holds the same amount of line. They accomplished this by designing the frame around the spool.


Twenty percent smaller in size but still holds the same amount of line as some of its competitors


Though the Fin-Nor reel is small in size, it makes use of oversized components to ensure the preeminent performance when fishing for big game. The frame and sidecovers are all diecast aluminum and the reel features a large stainless steel main gear and brass pinion gear for greater toughness. The Offshore Star Drag Levelwind houses five double shielded stainless steel bearings and a sealed clutch bearing. The levelwind utilizes an oversized worm shaft and features a cross-wrap design to facilitate better superline management. In addition the reel features an oversized 11 disc, multi-stack stainless and carbon fiber system that produces a powerful yet smooth drag force.


Smaller profile but built with tough oversized components


There are three models of this new Offshore Star Drag Levelwind conventional reel and they all have a gear ratio of 4.3:1. The 16 size will retail for $199.95, 20 size for $209.95, and 30 size for $219.95.


The family of Offshore Drag Star conventional reels


PowerLite Sailfish Rods: The PowerLite series gets a few additions this year but we wanted to highlight the most exciting one, the PowerLite Sailfish rods. This rod was designed by Robert Trosset, who has received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 from IGFA and is also a full time offshore guide out of Key West, Florida. 


The PowerLite family grows with the new addition of the Sailfish model


The PowerLite Sailfish rods are developed to have the proper attributes for this specific fish, and not only is the rod good for trolling, the 7'3" spinning or casting rod is made this length so it can double as a rod for casting bait at a surfacing sailfish.


Fin-Nor PowerLite Sailfish Rods

Model Length Line Class Reel Seat Guides/Tip Handle
FNPC73MLS 7'3" 14# Fuji DPHS Fuji HB SiN EVA, Rubber Gimble
FNPC73MS 7'3" 20# Fuji DPHS Fuji HB SiN EVA, Rubber Gimble
FNPS73MLS 7'3" 14# Fuji DPHS Fuji HB SiN EVA, Rubber Gimble
FNPS73MS 7'3" 20# Fuji DPHS Fuji HB SiN EVA, Rubber Gimble


The four Sailfish models make use of the Fuji DPHS reel seat


The PowerLite rod series features innovative blank construction that combines overlapping layers of strong, flexible glass with lightweight, high-modulus graphite. The result is a remarkably thin-diameter rod with incredible lifting power, making PowerLite a good choice for big game, star drag, and lightweight lever action and spinning reels. The Fin-Nor PowerLite Sailfish rods will retail for about $219.95.


The rod is constructed with a combination of glass and graphite


Conclusion: Ever since W.C. Bradley, parent company of Zebco, Quantum, etc., acquired Fin-Nor, they have kept the brand intact and focused on allowing the team do what they do best which is develop and premium big game reels. This year the Offshore Star Drag Levelwind made for an exciting addition for lighter line applications. The PowerLite Sailfish rods are designed to excel at a single application. With the company fully integrated into the W.C. Bradley family we look forward to more resources put into this renowned brand.











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