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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Quantum Introduces New Rods Including a Custom Kevin VanDam cranking stick

Date: 7/25/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: With a full new line of reels Quantum pairs them with new rods from signature series to species specific sticks. This year we saw a new KVD rod designed specifically for cranking and a few other exciting offerings worth exploring.


Introducing the new custom Tour KVD crankbait rods


Tour Kevin VanDam Cranking: The Tour KVD rods are a new and exciting series of crankbait rods designed by Kevin VanDam himself. The rods have a blend of glass and graphite in his own hand-picked actions for tossing any type of crankbait in any situation.


Quantum Tour KVD

Model Type Length Action Pwr Line Wt Pc Lure Wt Guides Fuji Seat
TKVD664M Casting 6'6" ML Mod 8-12 1 1/4-5/8 9 ACS
TKVD685M Casting 6'8" M Mod 10-14 1 1/4-3/8 9 ACS
TKVD705M Casting 7'0" M Mod 10-17 1 1/4-3/8 9 ACS
TKVD706M Casting 7'0" MH Mod 12-20 1 1/4-1/2 9 ACS
TKVD745M Casting 7'4" M Mod 12-25 1 3/8-1 9 ACS
TKVD7106M Casting 7'10" MH Mod 12-25 1 3/8-1 9 ACS


Designed for greatest crankbait performance, the Tour KVD are outfitted with components only Kevin VanDam would approve of. The custom crankbait rods have the new Fuji ACS reel seat with an exposed blank-through for greater sensitivity. The rod doesn't use cork but rather lightweight EVA non-slip split grip so Kevin VanDam can use these lightweight sticks to toss crankbaits all day in tournament situations.


EVA non-slip split grip design used for comfortable all day cranking


There are a total of six models in the Tour KVD cranking sticks. The rods range from a 6'6" medium-light to a 7'10" medium heavy action, all with a perfect parabolic action needed for cranking. The rods also carry a limited lifetime warranty and when they are available in November 2008 the Tour KVD rods will retail for $149.95.


Kevin VanDam's specs went into building this series


Teton Trout: At ICAST this year we saw a jump in manufacturers designed trout rods, and not just any trout rod but higher end sticks with more "bling." Quantum has always had the Teton Trout series but this year they gave it a makeover addressing some issues brought up by anglers. And with the redesign the rods are now better suited for today's techniques and traveling anglers.


Newly redesigned Teton Trout rods


Quantum Teton Trout

Model Type Length Action Pwr Line Wt Pc Lure Wt Guides Fuji Seat
TTS461UL Spinning 4'6" UL Mod 2-6 1 1/64-1/8 9 Graphite
TTS501UL Spinning 5'0" UL Mod 2-6 1 1/64-1/8 9 Graphite
TTS562L Spinning 5'6" L Mod 4-8 2 1/32-1/4 9 Graphite
TTS602L Spinning 6'0" L Mod 4-8 2 1/32-1/4 9 Graphite
TTS662L Spinning 6'6" L Mod 4-8 2 1/32-1/4 9 Graphite
TTS702L Spinning 7'0" L Mod 4-8 2 1/32-1/4 9 Graphite


Today the Teton Trout rods use lightweight graphite blanks with solid graphite tips. This combination provides greater durability, castability, and the right action for these delicate fish. The cork handles behind the reel seat have been shortened, and the foregrip in front extended. This was a feature that trout anglers requested to have on these new Teton trout sticks.


Titanium Deposition Coating are on the frame, guide rings, and hoods of the reel seat for added bling


These new rods are pretty attractive. The reel seat is now a woven graphite construction, and the rod guides, frame, and reel seat hoods all have a Titanium deposition coating that surely adds "bling" to this rod. There are six models in the Teton Trout series ranging from 4'6" ultralight to a long 7'0" light action rod. These rods will be available in November and will retail for only $29.99.


Woven graphite reel seat


mOcean Surf: We were very excited with the new rods Quantum will be offering for freshwater anglers, but there is something for saltwater anglers as well. Introducing the new mOcean Surf rods by Quantum. These rods are constructed from IM6 graphite blanks to be lightweight and durable but still have the casting performance needed to fish from the beach or jetty.


Introducing Quantum's new series of surf rods, mOcean


Quantum mOcean Surf

Model Type Length Action Pwr Line Wt Pc Lure Wt
QMC802M Casting 80 M Mod 10-25 2 1/2-3
QMC902MH Casting 9'0" MH Mod 10-25 2 1-4
QMC1002M Casting 10'0" M Mod 15-30 2 2-5
QMC1002MH Casting 10'0" MH Mod 15-40 2 2-6
QMC1102MH Casting 11'0" MH Mod 17-40 2 3-6
QMC1202MH Casting 12'0" MH Mod 20-40 2 4-8
QMS761M Spinning 7'6" M Mod 10-20 1 3/8-1
QMS802M Spinning 8'0" M Mod 10-25 2 1/2-3
QMS902M Spinning 8'0" M Mod 10-25 2 1-4
QMS902MH Spinning 9'0" MH Mod 15-30 2 1-4
QMS802MH Spinning 9'0" MH Mod 12-25 2 3/4-4
QMS1002M Spinning 10'0" M Mod 15-30 2 2-5
QMS1002MH Spinning 10'0" MH Mod 15-40 2 2-6
QMS1102MH Spinning 11'0" MH Mod 17-40 2 3-6
QMS1102H Spinning 11'0" H Mod 20-40 2 3-6


There are 6 casting and 9 spinning models in the mOcean series. Each model is matched with double footed Fuji aluminum oxide guides that are double wrapped for additional strength. The spinning models will come with a large 50 size stripper guide to reduce line slap and enable greater casting distance. The mOcean Surf rods also incorporate a Fuji DPS real seat with non-slip cork tape grips. These amazing rods will be available in November and will retail from $79.95 to $119.95.


Non-slip cork tape grips are used on these rods


Cabo PT Inshore: The Cabo PT Inshore rods also get an upgrade for 2009. This existing series received a stunning new blue blank finish that matches nicely for inshore angling, plus a good match when combined with Quantum's saltwater reels with blue highlights. Not only a new finish, Quantum introduces 5 new "airline friendly" travel rods in the Cabo PT Inshore series. The 3 casting and 2 spinning travel rods are all 3-pieces, 7'0", and range from medium to heavy actions. Each of the travel rods comes with a protective Cordura travel tube.


A new look for the Cabo PT Inshore rods


Quantum Cabo PT Inshore

Model Type Length Action Pwr Line Wt Pc Lure Wt
CBIC701HA Casting 70 H Fast 14-25 1 3/4-2
CBIC701MA Casting 70 M Fast 8-17 1 1/4-3/4
CBIC701MLA Casting 70 ML Fast 8-14 1 1/4-5/8
CBIC703MA Casting 70 M Fast 14-20 3 1/2-2
CBIC703MHA Casting 70 MH Fast 8-17 3 1/4-3/4
CBIC703HA Casting 70 H Fast 14-25 3 3/4-2
CBIS801MA Spinning 8'0" M Fast 8-10 1 1/8-3/4
CBIS761MA Spinning 7'6" M Fast 14-20 1 3/4-1.5
CBIS701MA Spinning 70 M Fast 8-14 1 1/8-5/8
CBIS701MLA Spinning 70 ML Fast 8-14 1 1/8-5/8
CBIS703MA Spinning 70 M Fast 8-14 3 1/8-5/8
CBIS703MHA Spinning 70 MH Fast 12-20 3 3/4-1.5


Upgraded components and added five, 3-pc travel rods to this series


The Cabo PT Inshore rods are all built from high-modulus, high-strain HSX62 graphite blanks. The rods are outfitted with corrosion resistant titanium framed with Nanolite inserts by American Tackle and Fuji ECS and IPS reel seats. The rods will be available in October this year carrying a limited lifetime warranty and will retail for $249.95.


Double footed guides all the way up


Conclusion: Quantum's new tackle offers kick off KVD style with new and redesigned rods for freshwater and saltwater anglers. The most impressive are the new Tour KVD series of custom crankbait rods which are designed specifically for serious hardbait fishing. Then we have some rods tailored for trout anglers and finally rods designed specifically for saltwater/inshore fishermen. The Cabo PT Inshore series now have three piece "airline friendly" rods that anglers can take with them to their favorite fishing destination. With new rods and reels this coming season Quantum gives anglers more choices, higher end offerings, and true tournament grade solutions.











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