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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

New motion from Maxota Lures

Date: 7/25/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: Maxota
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Exhibiting a exclusive lure motion that is made possible with the unique tail design the Maxota Struggling Shad will be swimming into new stores soon and mimics crippled and dying minnows.


Maxota owner and designer Timothy Peterson shows Zander the new Struggling Shad


Back in the early 90ís, Tim Peterson had an idea to design a lure from an actual minnow style hardbait that was fluttering on its side as he was retrieving it. Knowing the fishing market, he wondered why a side swimming hard bait with an up and down action, the actual motion of a real, crippled bait fish on its side, was not yet on the market. He set out to design that lure in 1995, using ideas from the erratic action of different lures that were fouled with the line or the hooks, or were otherwise coming in sideways.


The Maxota Struggling Shad delivers a erratic fluttering action thanks to the distinctive tail


After exploring on why the lures swam erratically when fouled up, he tested many devices and blades with many different shapes, bends, holes, weights, materials, and sizes. The testing over several years produced what is now a blade that pivots back and forth, or up and down, depending on its orientation to the lure. Thus the Maxota Struggling Shad was born.


The lure is armed with a single Gamakatsu treble hook


The Maxota is all about the tail which causes the lure to flutter up and down. Tim showed us the lure swimming on video and the blade pivots within the space between the two frame appendages and flutters downwards as it is retrieved, and if the line goes slack then it sinks downwards. The lure can be retrieved in a constant motion or twitched. The result is a unique action that emulates a injured baitfish. The lure is armed with one Gamakatsu treble hook near the center of the lure, and the interesting thing is that the hook extends from what normally would be considered the traditional "side" of a lure.


Tim Peterson unveiled the Maxota Struggling Shad at ICAST


The Maxota Struggling Shad weighs .8oz, is 4.5 inches long, and comes in six colors and will be available soon and retail for $17.97 per lure. This new lure is designed to trigger strikes with the distinctive action of a crippled or dying minnow. This lure preys on the reaction of predatory fish on what should normally be an easy meal, and we look forward to see how fish and fishermen react to the inventive new bait.











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