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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Coverage

A new tail, bluegill, and upgraded finishes from A.C. Plugs

Date: 7/18/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: A.C. Plugs
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: A.C. Plugs has been hard at work refining their lures and introduced a new tail design on their AC Casitas as well as the final production version of their new AC Bluegill.


The AC Casitas Rev. 2.0 features a updated hybrid tail design and improved detailing

The A.C. Plugs Casitas has been on the market for a while and is among the more affordable quality swimbaits on the market. While the original paid lose attention to detail we wanted more from the lure when it came to tail wagging action. It turns out the team at A.C. Plugs felt the same way and at the show introduced a new “Rev2.0” version of their popular lure.

The AC Casitas Rev. 2.0 comes rigged and ready to fish, and now has better balancing and weighting than the previous version

The Rev2.0 AC Casitas now sports a hybrid tail design with scoops on both sides of the lower section and is designed to wag realistically both when retrieved quickly and crawled. Great care has also now been put into the pectoral fin design which protrudes more realistically than other swimbaits, and new pelvic fins only add to the bait’s realistic profile. Unlike many other swimbaits the A.C. plug comes rigged with a treble hook on top and a new hook keeper system with a magnet prevents the hook from damaging the body.

Oversized fins are now more detailed and the Rev. 2.0 also has new pectoral fins

When we held the updated lure in our hands we felt the lure was better balanced and the tail section was much softer than before. Mark at A.C. Plugs went on to explain that the lure was now strategically weighted for better balance in the water and went on to point out the new stinger hook was now smaller so it would not hang up or alter swimming action, and the lure was now finished with a more realistic eye.

The new tail design is designed to move aggressively with varying retrieves

The price of the Rev2.0 AC Casitas will remain the same as the original with the 6” retailing for 29.99, the 8” for 34.99, and the massive 10” for 34.99. The new lures are in mass production now and will be available this fall.

The new AC Bluegill is extremely realistic

The last time we met with Mark he showed us the company’s detailed AC Bluegill lure. At that meeting the lure had the tail clipped but at ICAST they were able to show us the final lure complete with the very same tail now gracing the AC Casitas.

Like the AC Casitas Rev. 2.0 features the new hybrid tail design

The final AC Bluegill looked even better than the prototype and final specifications include internal foam that contributes to a more realistic profile and action, owner hooks and split rings, and flared pectoral fins. The AC Bluegill will be available this fall as well and will retail for 24.99 for the 4” and 26.99 for the 6” size.

AC Plugs improves the finishes of many of their hardbaits

AC Plugs also introduces new more realistic finishes in their hardbaits and the AC StickBait and Mag Shad both benefit from more convincing designs. There will be a slight increase in cost for the updated finishes, as they cost more to produce. 

The legend himself, Allan Cole and the team at A.C. Plugs have made a lot of advances this year with their big baits

In addition to these new updates the team at A.C. Plugs hinted to us that they have been working on a new hardbait for three years and are nearing the final phase in development and testing. While the prototype was not ready for public consumption we look forward to seeing just what the guys at A.C Plugs have up their sleeves.









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