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Patience can be a Virtue, but Beware Jackall's Poison and new lures (continued)

Cover Craw: Jackall brings us another new technique and bait that's already being used in Japan. The Cover Craw, this is a soft creature-like plastic that is designed with a gliding action. You can cast or pitch the lure next to cover or pier, without having to skip under them, then let the lure glide smoothly down under at an angle, reaching places you wouldn't normally be able to. Most hits come on the descent so be prepared to set the hook when the fish grabs the Cover Craw.


Here's a new creature bait that will glide down at an angle, introducing the Cover Craw


The best way to rig the Cover Craw is weightless with either Jackall's own Cover Craw Screw Hooks or ones that are already in your tackle box. The Cover Craws are available in 3 inch or 4 inch sizes and 8 popular colors to choose from. Each package will contain 6 Cover Craws and will have a MSRP of $5.99 for either size. The Cover Craw Screw hooks will retail for $4.99 for a pack of six.


Squad Minnow 115SP & 128SP: The TackleTour Editor's Choice Jackall Squad Minnow 95SP just gained a few larger sized siblings. Jackall is taking this effective minnow lure and are now offer a 115SP which is 4.6 inches and the 128SP in a 5.1 inch size. Now anglers can match and hatch, using the right sized lure depending on what size bait fish the bass are feeding on during that period.


Here's the Jackall Squad Minnow. The bottom is the old 95SP, the middle 115SP, and top is the large 128SP


There will be a total of 10 patterns, where three are new for 2009, a sexy shad, pearl ayu, and HL black & gold. The two new Squad Minnows will have 3 treble hooks and like the 95SP will have a maximum diving depth of three feet. The Jackall Squad Minnow 115SP and 128SP will both retail for $15.99.


Muscle Deep 7+: The effective Muscle Deep crankbait is now being offered in a smaller. The Muscle Deep 7+ is 2.3 inch long and weight 1/2 ounce, and as the name suggests it will have a diving depth of 7 feet when using the appropriate line.


From right to left: Muscle Deep 7+, 10+, and 15+ crankbaits


Now anglers can choose from the Muscle Deep 7+, 10+, and 15+ to cover the proper depth. Along with the new smaller size crankbait Jackall has also introduced five new patterns to these lures making it a total of 13 colors.


Giron: There's nothing too new with the Jackall Giron except that anglers are demanding more patterns for this popular slow retrieve lure. The Giron gets an additional four new colors, making that a total of eight patters. Here are the new colors: RT Bluegill, RT Ghost Bluegill, RT Black Crappie, and RT Orange Belly Bluegill.


Four new patterns of the Giron


Bowstick: The new Bowstick 130 is a topwater walk-the-dog stick bait that's similar to the Zara spook but has additional features to set it apart. Jackall has incorporated a special designed gill tunnel that allows water to flow through as the head dunks into the water. What this creates are bubbles and additional splashing, and with the audible loud rattle will call fish up to strike aggressively.


The Bowstick is a topwater bait with a unique gill tunnel design


The Jackall Bowstick is 5.2 inches in length, weighs one ounce, and will have three treble hooks on the lure. There will be six available patterns and this high quality lure can be had for only $15.99.


Conclusion: In the tackle world, patience amongst consumers is not an abundant virtue. In fact, it can be as rare or non existent as the perfection many Enthusiasts seek. Fortunately, those who have been waiting for Jackall to bring over their Poison sticks will soon be abundantly rewarded and we cannot wait for our opportunity to sample some of these rods in the years to come. Not only did they display some amazing new rods but some new lures as well. This is definitely an exciting year for Jackall.












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