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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

E21 Expands the Carrot Rods and Introduces a New Wind, Rain & Ice Apparel

Date: 7/22/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: E21 Fishing
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Last year E21 made their debut at ICAST and they swept the show by winning a few ICAST Best of Show awards. This year they did not win any awards for their new rods but did take the Best of Show in Clothing. Let's see what's new for this new and exciting company for 2009.


Introducing the new 21 Carrot Gold Sitx


 21 Carrot Gold Stix




21CRG621M-F-CW $199.95
21CRG621MH-F-C $199.95
21CRG661ML-F-CW $199.95
21CRG661M-MF-C $199.95
21CRG661MH-F-C $199.95
21CRG610MH-F-C $199.95
21CRG701M-M-C $199.95
21CRG701MH-F-C $199.95
21CRG781H-F-SBC $199.95
21CRG710ML-M-CWT $199.95
21CRG710M-F-CWT $199.95
21CRG801XXH-XF-SBC $199.95
21CRG862M-M-CWT $199.95


21CRG621ML-F-SW $199.95
21CRG631M-F-SW $199.95
21CRG631MH-F-SW $199.95
21CRG671M-M-SW $199.95
21CRG691MH-F-S $199.95
21CRG701M-MF-S $199.95
21CRG701MH-F-S $199.95
21CRG721ML-F-SW $199.95
21CRG741MH-F-S $199.95
21CRG801ML-F-S $199.95


21 Carrot Gold: The 21 Carrot Gold isn't just another orange stick but one that has some innovative features incorporated into the rod to provide greater sensitivity. The new rod has a tip top with a gold solid Tungsten Carbide ring silver soldered into the tip frame.


Ken Whiting shows JIP the action of the Carrot Gold swimbait rod


On the spinning model, it is the only rod we have seen that has the most exposed split reel seat on the market. This allows the angler to put much of the hand onto the blank to feel everything the lure comes in contact with.


This is the spinning version of the Carrot Gold. It has the most exposed split grip reel seat on the market


There are a total of 13 casting and 10 spinning rods in this series. Each is equipped with proprietary Element 21 TiCH frames and inserts, AA select grade cork, extra strong InvisaThread Guide wraps with locking wraps on all single foot guides, laser-engraved anodized Scandium butt cap and integrated weight port, and has a orange-gold finish. The 21 Carrot Gold rods have a lifetime warranty and can be bought for $199.99 when they are available in November 2008.


The casting version of the 21 Carrot Gold


Salty Carrot Stix Inshore: E21 is breaking into the saltwater inshore market by introducing their new Salty Carrot Stix Inshore signature series rods. These rods were designed in collaboration with saltwater aficionado Henry Wazczuk of Fins and Skins and fishing the flats fame. The new inshore Carrot Stixs deliver a wide range of actions and lengths that are capable of handling all inshore species from all three coasts.


E21's Henry Wazczuk Signature series Salty Carrot Stix Inshore rods


Like all of E21's rods the Salty Carrot Stix Inshore uses their high-modulus nano-Bio-fiber polymer graphite technology that makes these rods lightweight but still have the brute strength to battle inshore game. In addition the rods use E21's TiCH frames and inserts, Caxin reel seats, Thermalon grips and butt grips with rubberized cork butt caps, and an integrated weight port.


 Salty Carrot Stix Inshore

Model Price
CSIS661H-F-C $149.95
CSIS691MH-F-C $149.95
CSIS701ML-F-C $149.95
CSIS721M-F-C $149.95
CSIS731MH-F-C $149.95
CSIS761M-F-C $149.95
CSIS701ML-F-S $149.95
CSIS701M-F-S $149.95
CSIS731MH-F-S $149.95
CSIS761ML-F-S $149.95
CSIS761H-F-S $149.95



There are a total of six casting and five spinning models in the Salty Inshore Carrot Stix series. The rods all come with a lifetime warranty and have a price of $149.95, and are available in November 2008.


The dual tone Flying Carrot Stix


Flying Carrot Stix Fly Rods: From freshwater bass and walleye to inshore saltwater rods, we now have E21's first fly rod called Flying Carrot Stix. These aren't just any fly rods but have features that you won't find in other fly rods. If you look at all the fly rods on the market today, none are designed to have a balance point where you would grip the rod. The Flying Carrot is designed so that when you put your fly reel on the fly rod it will be balanced with the center of gravity being located precisely where you grip it.


Flying Carrot Stix

Model Price


FCFW864-3M $249.95
FCFW904-5M $299.95
FCFW964-7M $349.95
FCSW964-9M $399.95
FCSW964-12M $399.95


FCSP1364-8/9M $399.95


That is not the only innovative feature on the Fly Carrot Stixs. The rods are actually dual toned, having the highly visible Carrot orange ontop while the bottom is a lighter whitish-grey finish so the fish cannot see the rod.


The Flying Carrot is designed to have a balance point located precisely where you grip the rod


The Element 21 Flying Carrot Stix rods use their advanced carrot nano-Bio-fiber blank construction utilizing 50t Toray carbon fiber. Proprietary stripper guides with TiCH coated frames and inserts are used on these fly rods, and along the rod you'll find TiCH coated snakes guides. The Flying Carrot rods use a custom designed anodized Scandium reel seats and winding checks in a matching TiCH finish, and on the 9, 12 wts and spey rods you will find a removable fighting butt section. The E21 Flying Carrot Stixs are available in November 2008 and will have a retail price of $249.95 to $399.95.


E21's CEO Nataliya Hearn shows us the Wind, Rain & Ice jacket. The 2 piece set includes the jacket and pants (pants not shown)


Wind, Rain & Ice Apparel: With Ken Whiting at the helm of E21, innovation doesn't end with just rods. This year at ICAST they introduced a new jacket and pants outfit that won the Best of Show for Clothing. Introducing the Wind, Rain & Ice extreme weather gear. The apparel relies on a newly developed and revolutionary insulation called CarroTex Made of AirTM. This material is ultra-thin, being only 2 millimeters in thickness and is 90% air, but provides insulation up to eight times that of conventional materials.


The CarroTex Made of AirTM is 100% waterproof, 100% breathable, and 100% fire-resistant


CarroTex Made of AirTM is 100% waterproof and 100% breathable, extremely strong and durable, supple, and is 100% fire-resistant as we experienced Ken Whiting placing the material on the palms of our hands and then torching it with only a slight feeling of heat coming off of the material to our hands.


David Sindall of E21 goes further into the features of the Wind, Rain & Ice clothing with Zander


Another benefit of CarroTex Made of AirTM is that it doesn't lose insulation value in compression. According to E21, you can sit on ice or snow and will not notice a temperature change. This combination of jacket and bibs can go down to as much as -40C.


The jacket is designed with features that will keep the angler warm and dry


The Wind, Rain & Ice clothing comes in multiple color combinations and sizes. This new award winning clothing will be available later this year or beginning of 2009 and the set will sell for $479.95. This extreme weather jacket and pants apparel will definitely benefit all anglers in all regions.


Thanks to E21's CEO Nataliya Hearn and Ken Whiting for showing us the exciting new products


Conclusion: A new fishing company just last year, E21 has made it big in this industry. First the original Carrot Stix and now we see an assortment of products that covers bass/walleye, inshore, fly, and even apparel. Every product introduced in the E21 line up carries the innovation by Ken Whiting and his team at Element 21. We can't wait to get to use the new products and to see what the E21 folks have up their sleeves in the upcoming years.













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