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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Daiwa Celebrates 50 Years in the Industry by Upping the Ante in the Enthusiast Market (continued)

For those complaining why Daiwa Japan gets all the fun introduction of new products, how about the introduction of a brand new Steez reel prior to its release in the Japan market? The new, high speed Steez is also due to hit store shelves before the end of this summer and promises to be a big hit for those Enthusiasts who value light and fast. We’re talking 5.6 ounces for the 7.1:1 STZ103HSA (MSRP $479.95) and 5.7 ounces for the 7.1:1 STZ100HSA (MSRP $479.95). The only downside? Anglers wanting a left hand version of this reel may have to wait up to a full year before realizing their need for speed.


Introducing the Steez Cranking Sticks


Featuring the same grip design as the non-cranking versions, these new Steez rods are a full graphite cranking stick


There will be 3 casting rods and 2 spinning rods in the new Steez cranking series


Need something to hold you over until the high speed Steez is available in a lefty? How about a new line of Steez cranking rods built with Daiwa’s exclusive Fle-X-Lite graphite blanks that offer flexibility similar to fiberglass with the sensitivity and power of graphite? There will be five (5) new rods in this lineup including 3 casting rods and 2 spinning rods and feature all the same high end componentry as the previous Steez rods (MSRP from $419.95 - $449.95).


Kaz Nambu is the man behind the Daiwa Steez baitcasting reels


Introducing the Daiwa TD Zillion baicasting rods…


Also new for the Steez rod lineup in 2009 is a rod designed for light swimbait duty, the STZ741XHFBA (MSRP $449.95. Daiwa Japan fans might recognize the specifications of this rod as the Stratafortress, but the US version of this stick sports the familiar Steez grip design rather than the unique Stratafortress grip configuration. Rated for baits up to two ounces, this rod is built with the lighter swimbait fare in mind and would probably make a nice paddletail bait rod.


…featuring an aggressive new reelseat built of ZaionTM, Daiwa’s proprietary new material


Not only has Daiwa filled out their top end Steez lineup with some exciting new actions and technique specific offerings, but Zillion fanatics finally get their due with a completely new lineup of sticks built to compliment what has become Daiwa’s workhorse baitcasting reel. The new Zillion baitcasting rods will be offered in nine (9) different trigger stick configurations ranging in price from $199.95 to $219.95 with one stick at 6’3” (M), three at 6’6” (M, MH, H), one at 6’9” (MH)and the remaining four at 7’0” (M, MH, H, XH).


The new reel seat is both functional, and eye catching


There will also be two light duty swimbait rods in the Zillion lineup with a 7’4” rod rated up to two ounces (TDZL741XHFB – MSRP $229.95), and a one-piece 8’0” rod rated to one and a half ounces (TDZL801HFB – MSRP $249.95). Lastly, the Zillion lineup will feature a flipping stick at 7’6” and rated for baits up to one and a half ounces (TDZL76HFB – MSRP $229.95).


Daiwa is leveraging their new Zaion material in both their Zillion and Fuego rod lines…



Fuego Spinning and Saltist conventional









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