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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

New Technical Tools for Advanced Anglers by Berkley (continued)

EraseTM Odor Killer: Berkley spends millions of dollars studying fish senses to produce the right scent for their baits as we have witnessed with PowerBait and Gulp!, and the scientists there know how to eliminate it as well, and we're not talking about removing those scents that fish like but of those that are on our hands that repel fish. Introducing the Berkeley TEC Erase Odor Killer.


“A fish’s nose is highly acute to its surroundings, and eliminating foreign odors is key to catching more fish,” said John Prochnow, Berkley scientist. “The new Berkley TEC Erase Odor Killer gets rid of chemicals that are transferred to lures. The main goal is to catch more fish, and eliminating offensive odors is one step that shouldn’t be missed.”


Introducing the scent remover... Berkley's Erase Odor Killer


Handling fish can be a messy venture, but TEC Erase Odor Killer also cleans as well as eliminates the fish odor that builds up when handling fish. TEC Erase Odor Killer is safe on hands, tackle and line. Packaged in a convenient dispensing squeeze bottle, TEC Erase Odor Killer stores easily and reduces the need for multiple cleaning agents. A 6-oz bottle of the Erase Order Killer can be bought for only $9.95. 


TEC Multi-Pliers: Whether it is cleaning out jig eyes, pinching split shots or cutting wire and line, it is difficult to find one pair of pliers that is great for all these tasks. Berkley has it covered with Berkley® TEC™ MultiPliers available in Long Nose or Split Ring options.


Tools on the Multi-Pliers

Diamond Grip clench

split shot pincher

wire and line cutter
small crimper
medium crimper

large crimper

jig eye cleaner

hook barb masher

toothed gripper
crankbait tuning slots (11X only)

break-tip split ring Jaws (11X only)


The commercial-grade Multi-Pliers are constructed of exclusive TecTanium steel, which combines the strength of hot forging, the double corrosion protection of nickel plating, plus titanium coating. TEC 9X (Long Nose) Multipliers deliver nine different uses and TEC 11X (Split Ring) Multi-Pliers offer 11 functions in one tool. Both models feature spring-loaded pivot and SofTorx non-slip handles for secure, one-hand operation.


The TEC 9X and TEC 11X, that's how many functions these two pliers have


Anti-corrosion materials are designed to give the TEC Multi-Pliers protection for years of service. Fitted TEC sheath, with pivoting belt clip and wrist lanyard, is made of waterproof and durable materials ensuring TEC Multi-Pliers are always at the ready. TEC Multi-Pliers MSPR is $59.95 and come with TEC sheath and wrist lanyard.


Steve Grice of Pure Fishing shows us all the new TEC tools


Conclusion: The TEC tools are designed to be extremely high quality and above all truly functional. These are not just any tools but ones that go one step beyond to add value through improved ergonomics or ingenious features. For instance the new Multi-Pliers, not just another me-too design, but a multi-tool in it's own right. And there's the Magnum Xpress line stripper, the fastest line stripper on the market that can remove 300 yards of line in a lightning fast 40 seconds. Berkley has once again impressed us with their new TEC series, which are much more than simple tools, but rather technically advanced solutions for the skilled angler.












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