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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

New Technical Tools for Advanced Anglers by Berkley

Date: 7/24/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: Berkley
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Last year Berkley introduced a new set of tools and equipment for the skilled anglers under the TEC tool series. At ICAST this year the company releases new technically advanced gear to expand the line.


The new TEC Trigger Grip & Scale which features a built-in scale and swiveling jaws


TEC Trigger Grip & Scale: It has only been four months since we reviewed the Berkley TEC Pistol Trigger Grip tool where we criticized that the lipping tool did not have a built-in scale or swiveling jaws. Well, it seems like the Berkley team read our minds (or our review) because this year they introduced a TEC Trigger Grip AND Scale, and it even has swiveling jaws!


You can accurately measure fish up to 30 pounds


The 13-inch Trigger Grip and Scale features an integrated 30 pound scale accurate to half of a pound, and while at the booth Steve Grice of Berkley compared it to the Boga grip and the TEC tool was actually more accurate. As mentioned above, the new lipping tool now has swiveling jaws. This was something we wanted to see as it reduces stress on both the angler and the fish, especially ones that are oversized and thrash about. The new Trigger Grip & Scale will retail for $119.95.


TEC Magnum Pistol Grip: The original TEC Pistol Trigger Grip was great for species such as bass, walleye, and smaller game fish, but larger fish taxed the tool beyond its limits. That's where the new Magnum Pistol Grip comes along. This larger lipping tool doesn't have an integrated scale probably due to the pistol design but it does have swiveling jaws, and like we said it makes much more sense to have it on the larger gripper tools for those belligerent fish.


The Magnum Pistol Grip is great for bigger fish and has swiveling jaws


The Magnum Pistol Grip has an exclusive SoftorxTM pistol-style handle for secure, non-slip control when handling fish. This larger pistol lipper is constructed for both freshwater and saltwater species of fish up to 35 pounds. The stainless steel material used to make this TEC tool will ensure that it will survive in the corrosive saltwater environments. The new Magnum Pistol Grip has a 13 inch overall length with a 9 inch shaft. The tool retails for only $89.95.



The TEC Hotwire Line Cutter cuts fishing line including braid in a flash


TEC Hotwire Line Cutter: As we moved around the table Steve Grice picks up the next TEC tool, and JIP immediately joked that it looks like a Taser. It's not exactly a Taser but it is the new TEC Hotwire Line Cutter. This TEC tool cuts through fishing lines like a hot knife through butter and is especially good for braided lines. Steve demonstrated by putting the line in contact with the Hotwire tungsten tip and poof, the line is severed and not only that, the end of the braided line is also welded closed preventing any line fray. The Berkley TEC Hotwire Line Cutter uses a single CR-1216 battery (included) to power the LED and two AA batteries (not included) to power the hot tip that instantaneously heats up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit when turned on. A white LED lights up allowing anglers to cut line in darker situations and doubles as an indicator to tell you that it is on.


The 1200 degree Tungsten tip is well protected inside the plastic cover. Engage the switch which pushes the tip out to cut line


The tool is designed with a clever switch where you slide to turn it on but when released it automatically turns off, a great safety feature for a tool that gets extremely hot. Not only that, the tungsten tip moves out of a plastic guard which protects not only your hands from getting burned but the tip and everything else it might come in contact with, and then retracts when you release the switch.


The new line cutter isn't only good for cutting line but can melt and repair plastic baits. Instead of a lighter one can now use this dual purpose TEC tool to get the job done. The TEC Hotwire Line Cutter includes a spare Tungsten tip just incase the other one gets lost or damaged. The tool comes with a one year warranty and will retail for $24.95.


TEC Magnum Xpress Line Stripper: Here's a TEC tool that our team will surely love as we are constantly removing lines from our reels. The new TEC Magnum Xpress Line Stripper is FAST! The Magnum Xpress rotates at speeds of 10,000 RPM and will strip 300 yards of line in 40 seconds! Super-fast and easy to use, this tool is definitely great for the serious angler.


TEC Magnum Xpress Line Stripper... 300 yards in 40 seconds! Enough said


The TEC line stripper is great for freshwater and saltwater applications as it can handle lines up to 300 pound test. The body has a heavy-duty construction and like other TEC tools uses the ergonomic SofTorx material for controlled handling. The TEC Magnum Xpress line stripper uses four D-cell batteries that aren't included, has a one year limited warranty, and retails for $39.95.


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