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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Lure Coverage (Special)

ICAST 2007 Special (Lures) - Berkley baits with winning formulas PowerBait and Gulp! (continued)

Saltwater Gulp! 5-inch Swimmin Shad: The Powerbait swimbait shad already existed but now we have the Saltwater Gulp! Swimmin Shad that'll be even more effective. The new Saltwater Gulp! Shad features a high-vibration tail and a unique side to side kicking motion that triggers reaction bites from all saltwater gamefish. And of course it has Berkley's deadly Gulp! attractant that'll get fish to commit to the strike.


Introducing the Gulp! Swimmin Shad


What's really nice about these new baits is that these Swimmin Shad are sold in a tray designed to keep the entire body and tail in perfect shape before you put them to use. Take it out of the package the plastic swimbait will run true and generate effective actions. Three Swimmin Shad come in each package and will retail for $6.99.


The Swimmin Shads are packed on a tray before it is put into the package


The swimbaits will always be in perfect form coming off the trays


PowerBait Atomic Tube and Atomic Teaser: Pre-rigged micro-tubes aren't new and have been effective on trout and panfish for years. But wait, make these with the addition of Berkley's PowerBait and anglers have an even more deadly combination. Introducing the PowerBait Atomic Tube that's pre-rigged with a lead-free jighead and has cut tentacles for added action.


Atomic Tube, a micro-tube with PowerBait scent for trout and panfish fishing


Now, how about the micro-tube, PowerBait scent, and a teaser. The Atomic Teaser is similar to the Atomic Tube but with the addition of a tiny trout worm tail to give it even more action when finessing for trout and panfish. A pack of 10 Atomic Tubes or a pack of 5 Atomic Teasers can be had for $4.29.


The Atomic Teaser incorporates a tiny trout worm


PowerBait Beetle Spin Mullet: The lure designers at Berkley took one of the most successful freshwater baits, the Beetle Spin, and reworked it for saltwater applications. Introducing the new Berkley PowerBait Beetle Spin Mullet, a lure designed for shallow redfish and bass but works equally well with deeper retrieves.


Introducing the PowerBait Beetle Spin Mullet


The PowerBait Beetle Spin Mullet is built using a heavy gauge wire and ultra-strong hook that are corrosion resistant. The lure comes in 1/4 and 1/2 ounce with favorable patterns. Depending on size, a pack contains one lure with 2 or 3 PowerBait trailers and retailing for $6.49.


Designed for saltwater redfish and freshwater bass, it uses corrosion resistant hardware components


Conclusion: The king of baits extends their lead with an extremely wide assortment of new lures. The science behind Berkley's Powerbait and Gulp! scented lures combined with clever new designs keeps both anglers and fish guessing. This year the Gulp! Alive! took home the big prize winning the Best of Show for Soft Lures at ICAST. Were positive that this accomplishment was just the beginning, as the slew of stirring new lures are sure to win over a great many fresh and saltwater anglers this season.












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