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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Rods) - Perfectly matching reels in application, balance, and style (continued)

GLoomis: When many anglers think premium fishing rod they think "Loomis," and with good reason. The company boasts a huge portfolio of products that span just about every type of fishing from fly to big game salt. But more than anything else they are known for their exceptional bass rods. Each season GLoomis releases a few new rods that further delve into detailed applications. For this show the biggest introduction is their new MossyBack bass rods.


Gary Schaefer introduces the new rods to Zander and Cal


The MossyBack mirrors the now popular GLX Jig & Worm rods with 19 new models that feature a proprietary mid-range graphite blend. The graphite is somewhere between GL3 and IMX, but boy does it look sweet! Many of our staff prefer rods with low gloss on the blank. We are willing to sacrifice a bit of durability for lighter weight and better sensitivity. The Mossy Back rods feature a matte upper blank that is coated but very lightly.


The MossyBack rods feature very fast actions


All the MossyBack rods have fast or extra fast tapers, "creating a lower trajectory on the cast to combat wind for longer casts and improved accuracy," said Gary Schaefer with GLoomis' product development team. "We also use low friction, durable Fuji Alconite guides that contribute to longer casts." Other features include attractive composite cork butt caps, and blank through handle design.


This series parallel's the GLX Jig & Worm series


These MossyBack rods are basically the mainstream Jig & Worm rods, and are ideal for carolina rigs, senkos, and flipping. The series includes 15 casting rods and 4 spinning variants. They will be available within this quarter and will sell for $190-$290 depending on length and configuration.


The MossBack rod were designed by Phil Oliva


In addition to the MossyBack rods Loomis also is introducing a new crankbait rod which was co-developed with David Walker. This 7'6" medium-heavy power rod is specifically designed for Zander's favorite technique.....Ripping.


Notice how the upper portion of the rods is more matte in appearance


It has a very light tip to allow the bait to better showcase it's intended action, and a strong lower section to handle even the biggest strikes and power fish out of structure. This rod is shipping now and will retail for $210 dollars.


A new crankbait rod to handle ripping


GLoomis also addressed shaky head worm fishing with the introduction of two new "ShakyHead" spinning rods. They are designed for use with Shaky worms when fish are hugging the bottom. Both models are 6'10" in length and feature different powers. They have light tips to feel slack line bites and a stiff butt section to pull fish up from the bottom. These rods will be available this quarter and retail fro $215-$220 a piece. 


Shakyhead rods compliment the existing MagBass series


Not just are G.Loomis rods becoming increasingly application specific, they are becoming regionally specialized as well. At the show we took a look at a new series of GL3 Gulf Coast rods which are specifically designed for those on the Texas gulf coast. There are a total of 4 rods in this series, and they all feature shorter rear grips preferred by anglers in the particular region. These shorter grips allow them to get into the water and not have to hold their rods high to keep them dry. They will retail for $215-$220 when they become available in the next 2 months.


The GulfCoast GL3 rods feature a shorter rear grip to match up with the regional preferences


In addition to these rods, G.Loomis is also introducing a new series of Carp Rods specifically for anglers abroad. They may be available here, but demand for these products should be very high in Europe. G.Loomis continues to stay true to the things that make their rods so desirable, premium performance, high quality, and exceptional consistency.

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