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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Rods) - Perfectly matching reels in application, balance, and style (continued)

Setyr: In between meetings we stumbled upon a rod manufacturer we haven't ever talked about before. We decided we just had to be late for our next meeting and discover what Setyr rods was all about. Started in January of 2005 by a handful of former Rogue and G.Loomis employees, Setyr rods is a growing rod manufacturer out of Southern Oregon offering contemporary styled rods built on their very own blanks.


Andy Hinds explains the Setyr design philosophy to Zander and Cal


We were greeted at the Setyr booth by Andy Hinds, who gave us a rundown of the company and his position as Designer, and Production Manager.


Setyr builds rods..."The American Way"


He was very excited to share with us, their swimbait stick which has been a hot seller of late, and we were impressed by the rod’s relative light weight, yet, powerful feel.


Recoils are used for sensitivity and weight reduction


This particular rod featured their top end bass blank, a split rear grip, no foregrip and Recoil guides by REC. Setyr also offers a complete line of Salmon and Steelhead rods with prices through their entire line ranging from right around $150 on up to just under $300.


We paired a Chronarch with the swimbait rod to get a feel for the overall rig balance


Andy challenged Zander to stress the capabilities of their swim bait stick, and the rod proved to be one tough stick. Though extremely crisp in feel this rod will act as a catapult for everything up to a Huddleston, and have plenty of muscle to move any fish that is big enough to take on your monster swimbait. No matter how high Zander lifted the rod simply arc'd further, never showing any signs of duress under the strain.


Zander is impressed with the rod's action and lifting capabilities


After the stress test a spinning rod caught Cal's eye. Mostly because the look and feel of the rod was near identical to that he gets built up by his preferred custom builders. Sure enough when he held the rod in his hand he found the balance point to be very similar as well. Here is an American rod that looks and feels just like a custom, but is available over the counter.


Cal finds the spinning rods remind him of customs he has built up


We personally have never field tested these rods on the water, but based on our initial impressions we look forward to seeing just what these custom feeling rods will do.....something tells us that we will be further impressed.


Another look at the "custom" approach to the spinning rod's reel seat


Conclusion: Innovate or risk being lost in a market full of obscure and indistinguishable product… That was the theme on the 2006 ICAST floor and nowhere was it more apparent than in the booths of each and every rod manufacturer we visited. While a few manufacturers had new and exciting takes on the freshwater market, some chose to concentrate on building out already established product lines, a few worked on creating the perfect match for their own reel lineup, while still others turned away from this already saturated business and chose diversification for 2007 by delving into the saltwater market. Whatever position they took, rest assured, all brought their best to compete in perhaps the most personal of all tackle categories.


That wraps it up for our "Live" rod write-up. I hope you enjoyed this two day experience as much as we did, and we want to thank all those that participated in the dialogue over the last two days. Now stay tuned as we turn our attention to all the new lures that ICAST 2006 had to offer. -Zander










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