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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage (Special)

ICAST Special (Lures) - Pure Fishing trucks in a boat-load of baits

Date: 7/30/06
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: Pure Fishing has always had a big booth at ICAST, but this year it looked even more impressive with the boat-load of baits they introduced all at once, so many new baits were released that we have to feature a special ICAST lure report just on Pure fishing baits alone.
Approximately 1000 new SKUs have been produced on these baits which include offerings from PowerBait, Gulp!, SevenStrand, and much more.


Pure Fishing is introducing about 1000 new SKUs for 2007!


PowerBait Sabertail Worm and Grub: Berkley introduces a huge line of plastics this year which include a new PowerBait series called Sabertails which consist of the Sabertail Worm, Sabertail Bug, and Sabertail Grub. The Worm comes in only four inches long with appendages at both ends to create unbelievable action. The Grub, which is a shorter version of the Worm, is three inches in length and available in 11 patterns. The four inch Sabertail Worm comes in 17 different colors.


Introducing the PowerBait Sabertail Worm with appendages to give it action


"The Sabertail has such incredible action in the water - it's unlike anything I've ever see before," said Berkley Pro staff member Ken Cook.


There are 8 Worms per pack and the package is resealable


These two Sabertail freshwater baits can be rigged weightless or weighted and can be fished in many different ways. They also feature an exclusive PowerBait formula to keep the fish from spitting the lure. A pack comes with eight plastics and will retail for $3.59 to $3.99.


A shorter version of the Worm, we have the Sabertail Grub


PowerBait Sabertail Bug: Next we have the Berkley PowerBait Sabertail Bug. This is a unique creature-bait that's designed to produce erratic actions on the drop.


Like other PowerBait baits, the new Sabertail Bug contains an exclusive PowerBait scent


"This bait has it all," said Berkley Pro staff member Kevin Wirth. "The two 'meat sticks' on the body of the bait slow the fall rate giving fish more time to observe the bait wiggle and rock with its unique motion, which is irresistible to bass"


The heavier set of appendages give the Bug a random action each time it drops


Ron Kliegl, Marketing Director/New Products of the Bait Category, tells us that the two appendages also create random action as the lure drops. This erratic action is the key to triggering strikes from bass as they watch the bait fall. This plastic can be rigged with a bullshot, jighead, or any other way one would fish a creature bait. The PowerBait Sabertail Bug is available in 12 colors picked by Berkley's pro staff members and is scented with a patented PowerBait flavor to ensure the fish won't let go. MSRP for the Sabertail Bug runs from $3.59 to 3.99 for a pack of eight.


Introducing the Realistix Bat Wing Frog


PowerBait Realistix Bat Wing Frog: Plastic frogs have been a huge hit on today's bass fishing circuits because they are versatile in that they can be worked in almost anywhere, any depth, and in many different ways. Berkley introduces the PowerBait Realistix Bat Wing Frog and Floating Bat Wing Frog. These plastic frogs features an innovative tail design that flaps around on the drop, it also has realistic 3-D eyes, life-like patterns, and an exclusive PowerBait attractant. The five inch Bait Wing Frog comes in a sinking and floating type with up to five different patterns. Each pack includes four Bat Wings and will retail from $4.49 to $4.99.


You can get the Bat Wing Frogs in Sinking or Floating


PowerBait Realistix Sinking Minnow: The Berkley PowerBait Realistix Sinking Minnow is their new stick bait, but the company didn't just produce an imitation of the Senko. The Realistix Sinking Minnow is unique in that it features two impregnated non-lead weights inside the plastic. These two weights are strategically places to produce the perfect action when fished. Between the two weights there's a heavy monofilament line that connects the two and serves multiple purposes, one being that when you wacky rig the Minnow it won't tear apart like other stick baits would.


This is not just another stick bait but has unique features that set it apart from others


Speaking of durability, the Realistix Sinking Minnow uses a PowerBait scent instead of salt, resulting in a much more durable plastic. In addition to those innovative features we just talked about the Minnow sports 3-D eyes, clear or translucent colors, and exciting holographic colors; available in eight different patterns. You can have the Berkley PowerBait Realistix Sinking Minnow for about $4.99 per pack of five.


Notice the two non-lead weights impregnated inside the plastic. In-between the two weights is a heavy mono line which keeps the bait even more durable when wacky rigged



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