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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Lures) - Who's the Mac Daddy of fishing lures? (continued)

SPRO: Bill Siementel is well regarded and respected trophy bass angler out west. In fact, his largest bass to date is 19.5lbs and he has over 270 10+ pound bass to his credit. When he saw us approach the SPRO booth, he could hardly contain his enthusiasm for the new swimbait he designed for Spro, the BBZ-1. Available in three colors and three different actions, this eight-inch, double jointed bait promises to be the next “big” thing in swimbaits.


When it comes to big bass Bill Siementel is a swimbait expert, and he used a lot of what he knows about targeting lunkers in this new swimbait design

Bill has drawn from his over 20 years of experience chasing trophy largemouth and fine tuned each and every aspect of this lure from its angle of descent (sinking models only) to its position as it sits on the bottom to its swimming action as you pull it off the bottom, to its swimming motion as you work it back to the boat.

The BBZ-1 took over 2 years to introduce from prototype to mass production

This swimbait as been designed to handle a variety of presentations not the least of which is being trolled, burned across the surface, or worked like a jerkbait. You name it and this swimbait can probably do it.

The matte finish on the flat rainbow is quite unlike any other swimbait out there


The three available finishes are silver, flat rainbow (a matte finish) and the standard, rainbow trout. It features a soft, yet durable rear section and a hard plastic fore-body. The transition between the lure's body to the softer tail is probably the best we have ever seen. This soft tail is designed to take plenty of abuse from fish and is designed to remain intact after countless casts. With most swimbaits this is the biggest area of concern.


The transition from hard to soft portions of the bait is fantastic

The lures will be available in floating, slow sinking, and fast sinking models, allowing you to pick the right lure for your targeted strike zone. The lure features weighting in the different sections and these weights double as noisemakers when the lure is retrieved. On top of all these features, retail price on this bait is projected at only $40 per lure. The BBZ-1 is a versatile swimbait for all applications, and if we had to pick the best overall swimbait offering at the show this would be it.

Bill holds up the Flat Rainbow and silver BBZ-1 swimbaits


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