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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Lures) - Who's the Mac Daddy of fishing lures? (continued)

Daiwa: Whatever it is that Daiwa engineers are drinking to stay up late at night and maintain this extreme surge of exhilarating new products, they sure must have a big supply of it! The slew of new products from Daiwa seems to encompass every category. Thus far we've already seen enthusiast class reels, the very refined Steez rods, and were just getting into Daiwa's baits. At the show Bryan Yamane, Assistant PM, showed us an assortment of new lures, some of which were among the most novel at the show. To help widen the brands appeal to all types of anglers the company will be differentiating their lure lineup for 2006. The TD (Team Daiwa) series will continue to be the company's premium offerings, but new "Daiwa Lures" will be positioned towards more mainstream anglers and will retail in the sub 10 dollar range.


Bryan shows Zander the wide array of new Daiwa Lures


Dead or Alive: What a name...."Dead or Alive." When we first heard it we were at a loss exactly what Daiwa intended to convey with the peculiar moniker, but once we actually got to check out the lure it all came together. The DoA is a topwater swimbait quite unlike traditional offerings. and features a side mounted diving bill that gives the lure a side swimming action to imitate a mortally wounded baitfish.


Did Daiwa mount the lip on the wrong side? No, its the new Dead or Alive side mounted diving bill

It takes a second to get used to the design, but it does make sense. Action is generated with a double jointed wooden body and the tail features a spinner buzz blade tail for even more vibration and flash. The hooks are mounted inline with the diving bill and come out of the side (or bottom, depending how you look at it) of the lure.

The hooks are positioned inline with the side mounted bill


The theory behind the design is that big fish will see a easy target when they catch sight of the lure flailing on it's side. The DoA will be available in two sizes (5 and 6 inches) and all will be floating so they can be twitched on the surface. Four colors will be available, Rainbow Trout, Ayu, Fire Tiger, and Baby Bass.


The Dead or Alive has a rear mounted spinner buzz blade tail for extra vibration

Shad Master: Anglers looking for a great fish searching lure will like the new Shad Master, which features a classic shad profile complete with a longer more narrow body. These lures are designed to have a wider wiggle and can be fished in the murkiest of water. When retrieved slowly the lure gives a wider rolling action. These lures are very detailed and feature new 3-D eyes.

The Shad Master is designed to be a mainstream crankbait


Spinnerbaits: Daiwa proves their lures aren't all just about crankbaits. At the show the company introduced us to a new lineup of spinnerbaits as well. These lures feature the same level of detailing as Daiwa's cranks, but the most interesting thing about them is the placement of the smaller blade on a fixed anchor point right above the bait's head.


That's right...Daiwa has spinnerbaits too


These spinnerbaits will be available in sizes ranging from 3/8 to 1/2oz, and four colors will be available (white shad, chart shad, chartreuse, and midnight. All of the baits feature a red Mustad hook and ball bearing swivels.


Saltwater anglers have a new choice, the Saltiga Sacrifice Jig


Saltiga Sacrifice Jigs: Last year Shimano introduced us to their butterfly jigs, and this year Daiwa showcased their own version....the Saltiga Sacrifice Jigs. These jigs are good for both bottom and surface fishing for a wide range of gamefish. Daiwa tweaked their design with a "wing" shape so that it would create a slow fluttering action on the sink. This is to create more flash on the fall, as well as help keep the jig in the strike zone for a longer period of time.


The Sacrifice Jig features a unique wave design that generates a slow fluttering pattern to help keep the jig in the strike zone longer


But when the jig is retrieved it planes hydro-dynamically to reduce overall cranking resistance. These jigs feature a prism scale finish and 3D eyes, and will be available in sizes ranging from  3 3/4" to a lengthy 7 1/2" version. Daiwa also has their own translation of the stinger hooks called "Saltiga Assist Hooks." They come rigged with Dyneema braid over a monofilament core to help reduce the fish's ability to tear the hooks loose during prolonged battles. These hooks are designed to attach to the top eye of the jig, allowing the jig to be fished all the way at the bottom without fear of hang-ups.


Bryan holds up the inventive Dead or Alive topwater swimbait


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