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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Lures) - Who's the Mac Daddy of fishing lures? (continued)

Panther Martin: Swimbaits of all types were a hot commodity, and Panther Martin shifted from their traditional freshwater lures to focusing on a saltwater version this year. Last ICAST we saw the nine inch Double Trout Vivif swimbaits, and this year PM is releasing the Vivif Mackerel 12 swimbaits designed for big game anglers.


Cecil Hoge shows JIP the new lineup of Panther Martin lures, many of which are designed for saltwater


Because some waters are now banning the use of live bait such as Mackerel, Panther Martin set out the create one of the most realistic imitations. The Vivif Mackerel is a trolling swimbait that is weighted, uses holographic patterns, and features two large saltwater hooks.


The new Vivif's are excellent imitators of natural prey. In some water the use of live bait is becoming banned, so the need for quality artificial lures has grown considerably

The patterns and the motion are very life-like thanks to the soft yet durable PVC construction. The lure weighs in at 9.8 ounces and is made to be trolled at high-speeds while tracking true, an important feature for anglers targeting big game such as striped bass, marlin, tuna, and much more. The Panther Martin Vivif Mackerels are available in 5 patterns Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Bonito, Spanish Mackerel, Blue Back Herring, and Spotted Sea Trout. These full-size swimbaits will be available around the August time frame and will retail for about $35.

Just like the name implies, Panther Martin's new Stinky Shrimp smells just like the real thing


Shrimp baits, many companies make them and many saltwater anglers exploit them. Many are made of plastic and some are scented. So what makes one solution different from another? Panther Martin's Stinky Shrimp sports a few features that help set it apart from the pack.


The new saltwater lures from Panther Martin focus on both realistic patterns and actions

This 4 inch, 3/8 ounce lure is designed to resemble a live shrimp not only in body shape and form, but in regards to smell as well. Panther Martin uses natural shrimp scent impregnated throughout the Stinky Shrimp's body. These scented shrimp come fully rigged and sport a weed guard so anglers can fish in cover and structure without getting snagged.

Cecil showcases the large twin hooked Vivif Mackerel


They make use of natural lifelike colors but also incorporate holographic tape inside the body for added allure. The body is also designed to exhibit a convincing swimming action so when retrieved it behaves much like an actual shrimp. These shrimps will be available in four different colors and will be bundled in packs of three. While Panther Martin will probably always be best known for their proven trout spinners their latest saltwater creations are a great addition to their rich portfolio, and helps expose their brand to a wide range of new anglers.

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