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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Lures) - Who's the Mac Daddy of fishing lures? (continued)

Lucky Craft:  Lucky Craft was at the show in full splendor, sporting all of their latest lures in a massive two story booth. When it comes to lifelike detail Lucky Craft continues to elevate their game. While there was plenty to see in the booth we made a bee line straight to their new swimbait display, where we got our first glimpse of the Real California 130 Premium. Enthusiasts will recognize this lure as it was recently released in Japan under the name "Amago."


Introducing the Real California 130


The Real California 130: The new bait is all about realism. There is no diving lip on this lure, and when compared with the Real California 128 the new lure seems twice as lifelike. The Real California 130 Premium truly looks like a trout, and features phenomenal details including a gaping mouth, convincing gill pattern, and even a complete set of translucent protruding fins!


The RC130 features extremely realistic details throughout

The scale patterns and finishes on these baits is incredible. The engineers at Lucky Craft also wanted to make the bait behave in the water genuinely. If you remember the original RC you will recall that the bait featured a jointed tail. To generate an even more accurate tail whipping action the RC 130 makes use of wide hinged double jointed tail.

To generate a more realistic action a dual segmented tail was implemented


The RC130 is 5 inches in length and will be available in 10 ultra realistic patterns, including Rainbow Trout, Ghost Rainbow, Brook Trout, Aurora Green Perch, Brown Trout, and American Shad. We expected these lure's to retail for more than the original RC128, but to our delight they will actually be priced the same at $29.99.


The RC130's head is eerily realistic, and looks just like a trout gasping for air

Flat Mini: Joining the Flat CB this year is the new LC Flat Mini. This two inch crankbait is a tournament anglers dream come true. The small flat design of the lure enables it to get in and out of tight areas as anglers search for fish under pressure. The lure will be available in SR (1/4oz), MR (5/16oz), and DR (3/8oz) varieties. They are designed to get down at different rates, but all feature the same 2" body length with different lips.

The Flat Mini was designed to be a tournament lure


The Flat Mini generates a unique "screw" of water via the flat sides and produces a similar proven action to the existing Flat CB. Key to fishing this bait correctly is anticipating the correct strike zone and choosing the right variation for the fastest arrival into that depth.


The Mini will be available in three different weights, all with a different lip


The Flat Mini will be available in 37 colors and 12 different craw patterns. Regardless of style (SR, MR, DR) all Flat Minis will retail for $14.99 per bait.


Lucky Craft sunglasses? ...you bet.


Want to see your Real California and Flat Mini come to life underwater without being hindered by glare? In a surprising move Lucky Craft will also be releasing optics into the US market. These sunglasses are designed to be very light and feature a composite frame and polycarbonate polarized lenses.


The branded sunglasses are lightweight due to polycarbonate lenses


Availability and cost have yet to be decided but as soon as we find out we will be sure to let you know. When it comes down to which ICAST announced swimbait boasts the most realistic finish the Lucky Craft Real California 130 definitely takes home the blue ribbon.


Akiko Kitamura holds up the new flagship Lucky Craft Real California 130 Premium


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