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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Lures) - Who's the Mac Daddy of fishing lures? (continued)

River2Sea: River2Sea USA has grown quickly into a premium lure brand and each year they continue to surprise us with new exciting offerings. When we met up with Simon at R2S we were also greeted by none other than Byron "The Bachelor" Velvick and Mary who were in the booth checking out the latest lures. For those of you that actually watched the show (you don't have to admit who you are), yes...they still are together, and Mary is now fishing...as well as raiding Byron's best lures.


Pro Angler and Reality TV star Byron "The Bachelor" Velvick and Mary...and yes they still are together


The Croaker: This year R2S has lures for everyone from spinnerbaits to swimbaits. First let's take a look at a series of unique topwater frog called "Croaker." They might look like any other frog but if you inspect them further you’ll find that this lure features a keel shaped design on the bottom to make it glide over open water like no other. The frog will come in three different sizes, the Croakie 55, Croaker 65, and Bull Croaker 75. These exciting new frogs will be available in two months and retail for $7.49 to 8.49.


The new "Croaker" family of topwater frogs

Hula Shad Spinner: Spinnerbaits, there are so many out there that are virtually the same. But there are the ones out there that do feature unique elements that set themselves apart from the others. At ICAST this year River2Sea USA introduced the Hula Shad. This spinnerbait features a revolutionary head design that encases the metal with a polycarbonate material that do not only make its appearance different than others but helps make them significantly more durable.

Check out the dual skirts on the new Hula Shad


(Polycarbonate lenses are uses in prescription glasses and sunglasses.) The head is then dressed with two skirts, and the spinnerbait is finished off with top-notch components. You can find the River2Sea Hula Shad in 3/8, 5/8, and 3/4 ounce sizes, and in 8 different patterns. These new spinnerbaits will be on the market around September and priced at $7.49 each.


The S-Waver is designed to swim in a ultra smooth S-Pattern

S-Waver Swimbait: River2Sea already had swimbaits on the market but now they are introducing one with a totally altered action. Meet the S-Waver, a swimbait that swims in a nice and smooth S-pattern. The S-motion, which was demonstrated at the River2Sea booth this year, is created by their exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge design. The S-Waver swimbait features an ABS plastic body and soft PVC tail design, uses super-sharp Daiichi treble hooks, and has a Tungsten Force System. Only one size will be available at this launch and this lure will swim right on the surface down to one foot. The River2Sea S-Waver is available in September and will retail for $16.99.

Simon of R2S...the next "Bachelor?!"


Many lure manufacturers have a particular lure specialty, but R2S manages to build a wide range of lures, all of which sport varying levels of innovation, yet always exhibit serious quality. All of which are primary reasons why these lures continue to be extremely desirable to anglers. Heck, we know Byron "The Bachelor" Velvick is keen on them, and he's proven that he has good taste...

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