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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Lures) - Who's the Mac Daddy of fishing lures? (continued)

Sebile: Finally we come to Sebile, one of the most interesting new lure companies at the show. Unlike most lures that use metal bearings or glass beads to weigh down their lures, generate action, and create vibration noise, the Sebile products make use of a exclusive mineral oil mix for these functions. The mineral oil is injected into the center of the lure along with glitter.


The Sebile Flatt Shad is a lipless crank that uses oil instead of ball bearings


In the lure cavity the oil shifts back and forth to improve casting distance and accuracy by optimizing weight displacement. Sebile believes the oil creates the illusion of muscular contractions


The fluid is infused with glitter to mimic muscle contractions while swimming

The glitter effect creates flash, and the illusion of scale loss. The patented internal fluid design produces ultra low frequency sound waves, creating a signature sound that is realistic to predators.

The patented design emits an ultra low frequency which travels farther in water than high frequencies

The ultra low frequency actually travels much further in water than the higher frequencies generated by glass, stainless, and tungsten beads. As an added strike triggering element Sebile puts a blood red signal eye (similar to the Ito Megabass lures) in the eyes of this lure. This is to help predators hone in on the target.

Not all Sebile lures make use of the oil design, the "Evidence" uses more traditional bearings and is designed to very accurately mimic baitfish swimming movements

Sebile introduced two series of lures at the show, the "Possessed" which features the oil design we talked about and "Evidence" lures which make use of a more traditional bearing weight design. It will be interesting to see how the Possessed lures actually swim and perform in the field, but it is good to see innovation in the lure category. 

The Lure story isn't over yet...Pure Fishing exhibited the greatest showing of lures we have ever witnessed, and an exclusive article devoted to just their new lure solutions is on the way....until then thanks for staying with us through the "Live" Lure Coverage.

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