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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Line Coverage

ICAST Coverage (Lines) - A Line for every Occasion (continued)

Pure Fishing: Berkley Trilene Maxx: One of the most exciting fishing lines introduced by Berkley has got to be the Trilene Maxx. If you’ve used the Trilene XL before you know how well this line casts. And when a tougher line was needed, you went to the Trilene XT to gain that strength reduced your cast distance a bit. Well, now we have the best of the two combined into what we see before us, the Trilene Maxx.


Trilene Maxx blends the best of both Trilene XL and XT together into one easy to use line

“I’ve literally used hundreds of different lines through the years, and I can say, without a doubt, this is the finest monofilament line I have ever used,” said Al Lindner. “It’s a line for nearly everything.”

The new line was run though countless lab tests at the Berkley facility before the team decided that the final product, the Maxx, surpassed the XL and XT in strength, sensitivity, and castability. The Trilene Maxx comes in the following pound tests: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, and 25, and in these colors: clear, low-vis green, and photochromic. Spool sizes will be 300 yards or 3000 yards bulk spool with an MSRP of $10.49 to $11.49 filler spools.

Trilene Maxx is available in a number of colors, including photochromatic


Berkley Fireline Crystal: A crystal clear braided line? Is that possible? That’s what the engineers at Berkley have successfully created. We had an opportunity to see the Fireline Crystal at ICAST in action at the company's demonstration tank. Out of the water the line was obviously not clear or translucent at all but in the water it was quite a different story.


Fireline Crystal was without a doubt the most exciting new braid at the show

The test tank displays the Fireline Crystal up against PowerPro. Was the new Crystal line crystal clear? No, but it was actually less visible to the naked eye than the PowerPro line sitting next to it! The new line comes in Fireline Crystal and Fireline Micro Ice Crystal. Pound tests for the Fireline Crystal: 1/0.25, 2/0.5, 3/0.75, 4/1, 6/2, 8/3, 10/6, 14/6, 20/8 and Micro Ice Crystal: 1/0.25, 2/0.5, 3/0.75, 4/1, 6/2, 8/3, 10/4. MRSP for a filler size spool for the Fireline Crystal will be $14.99 and the Micro Ice pony spools for $5.49.

While it looks white off the spool in the water it stealth's very well

Spiderwire G-String: The new Spiderwire G-String monofilament line was designed with the experience and feedback from the “G-Man” himself, professional angler Gerald Swindle. Why the G-String? The G-Man fishes hard and demands a line that can take on the punishment from hooksets, heavy structure, and other situations that can damage a standard line.

“There’s no question I put my line through some serious punishment on the water, so I need a line that can handle what I dish out,” said Swindle. “When I’m ripping through heavy cover, Spiderwire G-String is the only line I trust. In fact, I’m so confident in this line, I put my name on it.”

Gerald "G-Man" Swindle showcases his new line, which is designed for serious hooksetting

At the Pure Fishing booth Gerald Swindle explained to us the unique characteristics that make up this line. The G-String is designed for extreme shock, especially the way bass anglers like himself are now hooksetting, the line has minimal stretch and is abrasion resistance which is great for power fishing, flipping, and pitching, but the G-Man said that the G-String is still limp enough for great castability. Pound tests available for the G-String are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20 in filler or bulk spool sizes. Retail price for a filler spool will run about $9.49.

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