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Lure Review

Going Old School With a Tried and True Swimbait: Sunrize Tackle's Hammerhead

Date: 4/6/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Sunrize Tackle
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.25

Introduction: Before there were the ubiquitous, ultra-realistic, monster bass hunting, premium priced swimbaits of today, there were the jig-headed shad-imitator swimbaits of an era almost forgotten. Born from the world of saltwater fishing, these shad-style baits were the true precursors to today's swimbait craze. The effectiveness of these baits in salty environments is well known, but how about using them for bass? Maybe you're looking for a more cost effective way to get into swimbait fishing and want to maintain the versatility of color choice. Come join us as we take Sunrize Tackle's Big Hammer Swimbait out for a test run in some of our popular bass haunts.


Hammerhead Big Hammer Swimbait Specifications

Type Soft plastic swimbait
Size 5" (w/ 1/2 oz jighead)
Colors/Patterns Approx 90 different colors available
Price $3.50 per 4 pack (5" bodies) + $3.70 per 3 pack (1/2 oz jigheads)

Impressions: It's not difficult to imagine the applicability of these baits in freshwater fishing. They are, afterall, just an oversized soft plastic bait. What's more, the Big Hammer swimbait from Sunrize Tackle is available in lengths from a "traditional" bass-sized three inches (3") to seven inches (7") and several lengths in between. We chose to try the five inch size with 1/2 oz jig heads.


Presenting Sunrize Tackle, Inc.'s Big Hammer Swimbait


Color selection is amazing with these baits with a palate of over ninety different hues, one could achieve sufficient paralysis by analysis if you're not careful. We stuck with three basic colors, but it wasn't easy limiting ourselves. If we had the time, it's very likely we'd have ordered over half the colors they offer just to check them out!


Hammerhead Jigheads are available in approximately 10 different colors and eight different weights ranging from 3/16 oz to 2.5 oz


Unique to the Sunrize Tackle company's Big Hammer Swimbait is the signature square tail of their bait. This, coupled with the carefully designed taper of the body gives this bait a very realistic swimming motion with none of the extraneous rocking or wobbling motion found in others.


The Big Hammer Swimbait features a very flexible composition

Field Tests: We threw our Big Hammer Swimbaits on two different rods: our Daiwa Heartland-Z Hama Spinnerbait Special and our Megabass F7-69DG Mephisto. For reels, we stuck with our Daiwa Millionaire Ringa 103L and our Shimano Calcutta 201DC respectively. As with the Mattlures BabyBass swimbait reviewed previously, the Big Hammer Swimbait is just as effective on traditional swimbait gear as it was on standard, heavy action bass rods - especially if you choose to try the smaller sized bodies.


Complete test rigs for Big Hammer Swimbait Field Tests

Rod Daiwa Heartland Z Hamma Spinnerbait Special Megabass F7-69DG Mephisto
Reel Daiwa Millionaire Ringa 103L Shimano Calcutta 201DC
Line 20 lb Sunline Shooter FC 20 lb Sunline Shooter FC


The Hammerhead Jigheads feature prismatic eyes


The Sunrize Tackle Company Hammerhead Jigheads come with very sharp Mustad Ultra-Point Hooks


Casting/Pitching: Something about the weight forward characteristics of jig head baits make them insanely easy to cast. The reason we upsized to our Calcutta 201DC, instead of the 101DC while fishing this bait, is on initial trials, we practically spooled our 101DC making a cast! This was with the 1/2 ounce jighead and a 5" swimbait body - the only configuration we fished. We think downsizing to a lighter jighead and smaller body could prove deadly in shallow water situations and a pitching or roll cast presentation to visible structure.


A close-up of the signature square tail design of our Big Hammer Swimbait


Notice how the body of our Big Hammer Swimbait is straight as the tail shows some really good side to side range


Presentation: We fished our Big Hammer swimbaits pretty much like a grub using both a slow, steady retrieve, and a hop and pause retrieve. The only limitation to these baits is your imagination. In fact, it was our intent to troll with these baits in search of Striper, but JIP's Whaler was down for maintenance at the time. There's little doubt in our mind this bait would make an excellent search tool while trolling for just about any species of fish. The swimming action of the tail is truly remarkable.


A shot of the top of our Hammerhead Big Hammer Jighead/Swimbait combination


The Big Hammer Swimbait in Prizm Shad


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