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Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide  Part 1- Reels, Rods and Line for Both the Naughty and Nice 

Date: 11/18/12
Tackle type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Just how naughty or nice have you, or that angler on your list, been this year? Whether you deserve that shiny bright new reel or something to keep you warm when fishing in the elements we have you covered in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. This year we looked at hundreds of options and after the voting was in from our editorial staff here are our picks. Of course there is something here for die hard enthusiasts where there the latest and greatest is the highest priority but we were also surprised just how many of our picks come from the mainstream category where anglers can get a lot of bang for the buck, so whatever you budget lets kick things off with a look at reels, rods and line and TT Girls Keiko, Cina and Deli are here to help out.  


Keiko kicks things off with the Lew's BB-1. The redesign gives anglers a great performing reel for only $159 dollars


Freshwater Baitcasting Reel : Lew's BB-1 Speed Spool - The original BB-1 reel was a classic and introduced Anglers to a new level of performance in a low profile reel. This reel has been reinvented for this season and is designed to deliver all the latest technology in a reel that still shares the same commitment to quality, durability and casting distance. The new reel looks every bit like a modern baitcaster, instantly recognizable as part of the Lew's contemporary lineup but comes with all the bells and whistles including a one piece aluminum frame, carbon composite drag system and a machined aluminum double anodized spool and 10 bearing system. A gold badge on the side pays homage to the legacy of this reel but what is best of all about the new BB-1 is that it is available for a very reasonable price of only $159.99. Tackle Warehouse has the new BB-1 in all varieties including a 5.1:1, 6.4:1 and 7.1:1 retrieve ratios and left and right hand retrieves. Lew's  did a great job on the BB-1 revamp and made it available just in time for the holidays.


Abu Garcia's Revo Gen 3 baitcaster redesign may have taken the spotlight but the Revo S spinning reels are also worth checking out

Freshwater Spinning Reel : Abu Garcia Revo S - The buzz surrounding Abu Garcia this year at ICAST centered around their new, third generation Revo casting reels. Lost in all the excitement was the fact Abu also redesigned their spinning reels and despite all the talk in bass fishing circles about casting gear, spinning equipment still dominates in overall sales for the simple fact it’s easier to pick up and use. The newly redesigned Revo S spinning reel is built with specially treated brass gears for durability, a quality aluminum spool, and a Carbon Matrix hybrid drag. It’s presented right at that sweet spot price point for spinning gear sitting in between budget and what most consumers consider high end. At $129.99 it makes a great choice for that up and coming angler on your list and is available now at Tackle Warehouse.

Deli holds up the Spincast -A, a great option for the kids at only $29.99!


A Reel for the Kids : Daiwa Silvercast A - Looking for something for the little ones? Daiwa's Spincast A reels are not new but they continue to be a great option of kids just learning about fishing and need a reel that they can basically press a button to cast. These reels are available in a variety of sizes to address everything from panfish to largemouth and come pre-spooled so all you need to do is mount them on a rod and go fishing. Don't let the small size of these seemingly simple reels fool you. Just for kicks Zander fished ripbaits out in the Delta and caught a double digit fish on one of these reels. Sure it was hilarious, but it just goes to show that the Silvercast A reels can dish it out for less than 30 bucks. The Silver cast A is available in a 4.3:1 retrieve in three sizes ( 80,100, and 120) at Tackle Warehouse.


St. Croix knows how to build a quality rod and the "Rage" Series is something to be happy, not angry about

Freshwater Casting Rod : St Croix Rage - If a clean, quality build in a US domestic rod manufacturer is what you seek, St. Croix belongs at the top of your list. This US based manufacturer has long been regarded as the benchmark for precision builds in a fishing rod but what many a casual consumer might not realize is that St. Croix is also a leader in technology. Within their factory is an extensive design and research facility where they go to great pains to ensure the product you purchase performs at a level that exceeds expectations. The latest creation to roll out of St. Croix’s design department? Their micro-guided rod series Rage. Keiko was pretty psyched about this stick and for just $150 at Tackle Warehouse, it easily made our recommended list for the holidays.

Quantum's Smoke PT Micro Guide Spinning rods make use of a lightweight blank paired with Fuji components for only $89.99


Freshwater Spinning Rod :  Quantum Smoke PT Micro Guide Spinning Rod - Looking for a spinning rod armed with Fuji components and micro guides for under 100 dollars? Look no further than the Quantum Smoke Series which has offerings ranging from 6'3" to 7'4" to address everything from ultralight line finesse fishing to power fishing. These rods look very clean with EVA grips and silver winding checks paired on the black HSX70 high-strain million modulus blanks that we have found are more sensitive than many rods cost 50% more. These rods are available for the great price of only $89.99 each at Tackle Warehouse.

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