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TackleTour Holiday Gift Guide 2010 Part 2 - Lures and Accessories for both the Naughty and Nice


Date: 11/10/10
Event: Holiday Gift Guide 2010
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: Casey and MJ are ready to go in the second half of our Holiday Gift Guide Coverage and not only showcase a number of exciting lures and accessories but also model a number of clothing options as well. Whether you have been naughty or nice this year there is sure to be something in the guide for you or that special someone.




The Spro Little John crankbaits are now available in a mid size and the new Fat John is designed to be fished more like a fat plug in shallow water


Freshwater Hardbait: (SPRO Little John Crankbaits): This mean little bait can fill livewells with fish and has done so for us on a number of occasions. This bait is designed to cover shallow 3-5 feet water quickly and makes use of a silent tungsten transfer system that helps improve casting distance and accuracy. Once in the water the lure exhibits a tight subtle wobble but deflected surprisingly well off stricture. Armed with Gamakatsu treble hooks this lure keeps fish pinned on and new for this season are larger MD versions to get down to 9 feet and "Fat John" that is not just a larger bait but is also designed for shallow water work and features a wobble like a fat plug and unique side to side action that travels up to 4 inches side to side. Each of these baits retails for $10.99 each and the complete assortment of Spro Little John crankbaits are available at Tackle Warehouse.


Paycheck's Punch Skirts introduced the exciting technique to many anglers

Freshwater Skirted Bait: (Paycheck Punch Skirt): Punching has been around for ages. It is the natural evolution of flipping allowing you to target bass away from the edges and underneath that seemingly impenetrable layer of cover. But up until recently, the subtle keys to success have been closely guarded secrets. Surprise surprise. Like a devastating uppercut of a big bass bursting out from beneath the hydrilla, Bub Tosh has blown all of that up with his recent success on the California Delta, punching headquarters, thanks to his Punch Skirts. But like any good bait product, punching is not the only way to use this bait. Dress just about any soft plastic for success and give it a bulkier profile by using the versatile Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt. They even work as Christmas Ornaments! You can find everything you need to get punching at Tackle Warehouse.

The Transporter walks and pops to entice fish to strike

Freshwater SoftBait: (Paycheck Transporter): There is no singular thrill in fishing to equal the topwater strike. Perhaps one of the most exhilarating topwater strikes in bass fishing is the frog bite. Witness the countless frog bait options on the market today. Paycheck Baits jumped into the fray this year with their interpretation – the Transporter. This bait not only walks the walk, but it pops the pop and as we’ve already found out, if you’re looking to get mugged by an angry bass under the mat, the Transporter knows how to make that happen. The Transporter can be found in a complete assortment of colors at Tackle Warehouse.

What a year it has been for Rago baits, with two elite wins from Pro Anglers Byron Velvick and Skeet Reese these soft swimbaits are HOT!

Soft Swimbait (Rago BV3D & SKT Swimmer): If ever there was a big bait manufacturer deserving of such good fortune as to have his baits instrumental in successive Bassmaster Elite Series tournament wins, it’s Jerry Rago. His BV3D and SKT Swimmers are designed tournament ready right out of the package and yet, are infinitely customizable depending upon where you want that hook and how you want your line to run. With back to back wins by Byron Velvick at Clear Lake and Skeet Reese at Smith mountain, what additional motivation do you need to tie these baits at the end of your line? Maybe a little enticement from Ms. Casey and MJ? Done. Rago Baits are available at …

Maybe not a swimbait in the traditional sense these "big baits" are designed to target for top of the food chain species

Hard Big Bait (Lucky Craft EPG): Big baits mean different things to different anglers but one thing is certain, big baits are not unique to bass fishing. A true big bait is multi-species capable and Lucky Craft’s EPG lures are designed with this exact intent in mind. Whether the angler on your list targets zander, musky, tuna, dorado, or even, let’s say, peacock bass, Lucky Craft’s Exotic Predator Game line of lures are worth investigating. Our favorite is the Pointer 200!

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