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TackleTour Holiday Gift Guide 2010 Part 1 - Reels and Rods to Crank up the Season (continued)


Something for the kids (Shakespeare EZ Cast): If you have a jr. angler in the house then Shakespeare has a new combo that is perfect for kids. The EZ Cast makes use of a revolutionary anti-backlash system that prevents backlashes for anglers of all skill levels all the way down to those with absolutely zero experience. The EZ Cast low profile automatically throttles down the revolutions of the spool when line speed and spool speed are not lining up.


Want to bring home something for the kids? get them started on baitcasting with the affordable EZ Cast


When the angler gains confidence the feature can be turned off to function like a normal low profile reel. The EZ Cast reel comes pre-spooled with 10lb.Stren line and retails for only $39.99 by itself or just 10 dollars more with a two piece rod. 


For saltwater anglers this season Shimano has redesigned the top selling Trinidad series and packs it with new provisions for improved corrosion resistance 


Saltwater Reel (Shimano Trinidad A): Shimano's new Trinidad A features a new look and has the refinement to back to it all up courtesy of the company's X-Ship gear support system fir enhanced efficiency and smoothness. The new reel had a lot to live up to as the previous generation Trin is a favorite among serious saltwater anglers and charter captains. The new reel is designed to be every bit as tough but deliver that same level of performance in a lighter, smaller and more compact footprint. Shimano even developed a new surface and spool treatment for extreme corrosion protection. To stop fish in their tracks the Trinidad A also makes use of a new Dartanium II woven carbon fiber drag. The Trinidad A retails for $444-499 dollars depending on size and will be available at Hi's Tackle Box.  


Also redesigned is Shimano's Trevala jigging rods which feature a thinner diameter yet maintain strength and sensitivity


Saltwater Rod (Shimano Trevala S): We were already fans of Shimano's previous generation Trevala rod but the new "S" model takes the series to the next level with new C4S construction that improves hoop strength and sensitivity while reducing overall diameter of the blank, the result is a rod that feels even more lightweight and sensitive. Designed for shallow butterfly jig spinning and casting Shimano offers these rods in a complete range with very specific actions. The new rod also improves ergonomics with custom shaped EVA handles with a split grip and you don't need to worry about muscling fish with a over the counter Lifetime Warranty included. The Shimano Trevala S is available now for $159-169 dollars at Hi's Tackle Box.


For the enthusiast anglers it just doesn't get much better than the Daiwa Exist Hyper Branzino Custom


Enthusiast Reel (Daiwa Exist Hyper Branzino Custom): Just when you thought it was safe to browse the enthusiast reel market and resist temptation because of the weak US Dollar and homogenized product between markets, Daiwa once again that they know how to push the right buttons. The Exist Hyper Branzino is a supertuned version of Daiwa Japanís Exist Spinning reel and shares similar guts to the popular Morethan Branzino which was based on the Certate. This 2500 sized reel has the gearbox from a 3000 gears cut from the same material as the robust Saltiga Z spinning reels. Availability is limited, but if youíre a true enthusiast that only makes this reel more tempting. Expect to pay in excess of $1000 for this gem. Our recommendation? Contact JapanTackle.com and have them hunt it down for you.


The Megabass Orochi F6 rod may not be cheap but it is ultra refined and thinner and lighter than previous generation counterparts


Enthusiast Rod (Megabass Orochi F6-72X4 Destruction): Earlier this year, Megabass upped the ante in the graphite cross weave blank race with the introduction of their new Orochi X4 line. These rods are thinner, faster, and lighter than their previous generation counterparts and though the X4 are priced low for Megabass standards (right around $500 each), they maintain that high end feel. The F6-72X4 Destruction makes a fantastic stick for baits like the Basstrix and even frogs. Look for the entire X4 line to show up soon in Megabass approved tackle shops, but for now until distribution picks up, you can get yours by contacting Megabass USA directly.


Any guesses as to who is Naughty and who is Nice?


Stay tuned as we get into the second half of our Holiday Gift guide and the girls showcase a complete assortment of lures, apparel, accessories and even a few fly fishing products. On top of that we also take a look behind the scenes.










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