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G.Rods Makes Graphene Affordable with the Game Changer Series (continued)

Casting: When I started cast tests with the Game Changer GC-73MH-1C I worked my way up from baits below the 3/8oz. rating and worked all the way up to 2oz., which is a full ounce over the rod’s rated lure capacity. At first I was a little underwhelmed with the rod’s casting performance, and found that it took a little finesse to get lighter baits placed precisely where my intended targets were. I felt like I was having to compensate, holding back my swing slightly, because the rod’s tip action was not as crisp as what I previously experienced with the company’s Pro Bass models, but as I worked my way up the mid-range I found that this rod not only had a sweet spot but excelled at casting baits between the ˝ to 1oz. range.

Loading up with baits over .5oz. over the maximum rated lure weight

Tie on and cast any bait in this rod’s sweet spot and casts suddenly feel effortless, and two handed casts with baits at the upper end of the range or even up to 1.5oz. and you will find that this rod absolutely launches them! I really liked how the mid-section of the rod loads confidently, sending bigger and heavier baits on their way without taxing your arms and shoulders, and never feeling like the rod’s blank is going to be even close to compromised.

Big baits? No problem for the Game Changer, in fact the rods sweet spot is on the heavier lure range

Sensitivity: After fishing the Game Changer GC-73MH-1C for an extended period the lines between this rod and the company’s higher end Pro Bass Series start to blend. Is this rod too good? Will it cannibalize the more expensive and higher-end Pro Bass line I wondered? Not only did the rods look alike they fished very similarly as well. The inclusion of graphene gives the Game Changer rod the same powerful feel but over time as I started fishing more contact baits I did start to discern differences.

I started finding that the rod was ideal for tossing bluegill swimbaits, including this classic Triple Trout

The biggest two differences that I can distinguish are that the Pro Bass rods do feel a little more crisp, especially in the tip section, and there is a definite delta in the sensitivity between the two rods.

The Game Changer rods are of a lower overall modulus, exactly how much I don’t know, but the impact to sensitivity is perceivable, at least with our GC-73MH-1C test rod. The Game Changer GC-73MH-1C is still what I would consider a “sensitive” rod, but it is more on par with what you expect from rods in this price range, versus the Pro Bass rods where sensitivity is an area in which they shine.

The Grade A EVA grips held up well through the year

Power: The Game Changer GC-73MH-1C is a true MH rod and delivers the action that you would expect from a rod with similar ratings. It loads from the tip and especially the mid-section of the rod confidentially when casting bigger baits, even those beyond of the rod’s rated capacities, and when there is a fish on the line I found that the load transitioned nicely all the way through the center of the blank to put pressure on fish without ripping the bait away. If anything I felt the mid-section of the rod was a little softer than I would have expected, but ended up really liking this trait for fishing swimbaits and keeping fish pinned during the initial strike and set, and keeping them securely pinned while cranking them back to the boat.  

G-Rods GC-73MH-1C: 10.5" Rear Handle : 10+tip Guide : Made in China : Fast Taper : Med Heavy Power : 3/8-1 oz: 10-17 lb

Lab Results for G-Rods GC-73MH-1C


Avg RoD (2-32oz)
Measured Weight (oz)
Balance Point (inches)
Balancing Torque (ftlbs)
G-Rods GC-73MH-1C
MBR783C GLX2000
TSFO 26 Rod Average

This is a good mid ranged do everything rod, a good “Search for One” candidate, but anglers looking for a rod to serve day in and out as pitch and flip rod will want to step up to the 7’6” heavy powered rod, which also has a slightly longer handle, which is going to be better for pinpoint target power fishing.

A look at the split and rear grip, lots of 1K carbon bling

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