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Rod Review

The Stuff of Wonder, Graphene Infused G-Rods (continued)

Ergonomics: The G-Rod Pro-Bass weighs in at 4.6oz. which is light, but not really in the superlight category. What G-Rods has done is create a pretty well balanced rod that feels very good in hand with just about any 6-8oz. baitcaster strapped on. The EVA grips are comfortable and grippy even when wet, and have held up well over two seasons of use.

My favorite styling element of the rod? The aluminum reel clamp

In terms of ergonomics like almost everything about the design and layout of this rod, and when I say almost there is one thing that I really did not like and that was the implementation of the Fuji hook keeper.  To start with I’ve never really been a fan of the Fuji folding hook keeper, in fact I even like the removable Fuji Ez Hook Keeper better as it can be removed or repositioned on different places on rods and just accommodates different types of hooks and baits better. The Fuji folding hook keeper always seems awkward to me, too small for certain hooks, unable to handle drop shot rigs, and hard to secure really large lures. Combine all those shortcomings with the placement of the hook hanger right above the rear grip and I found it awkward to secure baits this far down the handle, making it difficult to grab the rod and quickly release the bait.

My least favorite element of the rod? The ill placed Fuji hook keeper

All of these are minor gripes, but what really bothered me was the exact placement above the rear eva grip which could be felt when casting with the rod with two hands. After a while the hook keeper started to really dig into my fingers and even become uncomfortable when casting. So much so that I consciously started making just one handed casts, even with big baits.

Located above the rear grip I felt it on two handed casts

A hook hanger should not factor into ergonomics to this extent, and it should certainly not alter the way you fish a rod, but that is exactly what happened. I literally got so annoyed with the hook hanger that I pondered trying to snap it off with a pair of pliers, but was worried about damaging the blank in the process or leaving an even sharper obstruction. A fishing rod as good as the G-Rod deserves a better open hook hanger, and one that is located somewhere where it doesn’t impact your grip. 

Paired with a Casitas this combo still balanced out well

Price & Applications: The G-Rods Pro-Bass rod is just about as multi-talented as they come. I was able to use this rod for all but the most finesse bass applications and it was more than powerful enough to stand up to moderate flip/pitch and paddletail swimbait fishing, as well as the occasional ripping for stripers. This excellent “Search for One” candidate is a good choice for any angler that is looking for that first G-Rod that can truly be called an all-purpose bass rod, instead of one that is too application specific.

The details in the carbon treatment are really quite nice on this rod

The best part about the G-Rods? The outstanding blanks. The graphene material helps set these rods apart and gives them some unique properties, but the good news is that the rods are attractive and just plain fun to fish with. This is not an example of technology dominating design, but rather a great combination of rod building artistry with the latest technology.

Reels sit nice and low on the Fuji ACS seat

All of this “tech” comes at a price, and the surprising thing is that price isn’t at all unreasonable. Retailing for only $359 dollars the G-Rod is priced within reach for anglers looking for a higher end rod, and an alternative from the near-premium high end offerings from all the major brands. At this price, and considering all that the G-Rods have to offer feature-wise, these rods are absolutely worth checking out. The only tough part about that is finding one may be a bit difficult as the distribution is still somewhat limited.

The G-Rod BA-7MH can do it all. Plastics, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, jigs, and even frogs are good baits to pair with this multi-talented rod

We hope to see more retailers and e-tailers pick up the G-Rods lineup, and it isn’t just the bass rods that are compelling, the company makes some very interesting trout and surf rods as well. The news about these rods is still just getting out, and if you have one you can consider yourself among the elite, at least for now.


G-Rods BA-7MH Bass Rod Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Excellent construction throughout and good use of an exciting new material 9.47
Performance The graphene only adds to the Toray carbon to create a rod that is powerful, sensitive, and durable. This rod really delivered in the performance are 9.5
Price A reasonable price for a rod with this quality and technology and range of use 7
Features The rod blank is awesome, the Fuji guides and reel seat get the job done nicely as well. For a do it all bass rod this rod is surprisingly refined 8
Design (Ergonomics) The split grip design works and the eva grips provide a non-slip handle on this rod. The rod is light enough to fish all day but that hook hanger needs to go. A rod this good deserves a better hook hanger, and one that is not placed where you feel in the cast. If this rod had a better hook hanger it would have won an Editor's Choice Award, but there is no denying that it is plenty innovative 7
Application In the application category the G-Rod crushes it! This rod can be used for so many different applications. Definitely a very muti-talented rod 9.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Use of an exciting new material that pairs well with the Toray carbon - Needs a better hook hanger, and one that isn't placed where you feel it on two handed caste
+ Powerful and Durable - Still somewhat hard to find
+ Very sensitive  
+ Can be used for many different applications  
+ Pairs well with many different baitcasters  
+ Reasonably priced for a rod of this quality and features  


Conclusion: Every day companies across different markets are finding new and exciting ways to employ the wonder material that is graphene. Some companies are using graphene to charge batteries in a fraction of the time, make stronger device screens, even purify water, so is it really a surprise that we are now seeing the material being utilized within the fishing tackle industry? G-Rods is the first company in the world to incorporate graphene into fishing rods, and we can clearly see that these rods are designed not by techies, but by serious anglers. The actions are right, the blanks are both powerful and sensitive, and our test rod just plain fished great.


G-Rods are a proper blend of technology and fishing rod design know-how. These graphene based rod handle big fish beautifully

These days it takes serious intestinal fortitude to build a new rod company and brand from the ground up. There is so much competition both from rods built domestically and overseas. That is why it is all the more impressive that G-Rods has been able to not only introduce a differentiated product but continue to expand their rod lineup at such a quick clip. It is true that G-Rods are still somewhat hard to find today, but with rods as good as the BA-7MHC there is no doubt in my mind that the fledgling company will soon be expanding their distribution to make their rods more readily available online and in tackle stores nationwide. The G-Rods BA-7MHC is an easy pick for our Innovation Award, and in a sea of sameness all the graphene based G-Rods are a breath of fresh air, offering an exciting blend of technology and good old fashioned rod building know-how, to create a state-of-the-art new rod that is sensitive, powerful, and above all thrilling to fish.









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