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Swimbait Review


G-Ratt's Signature Glidebait, only Smaller. Match the Hatch with the Pistol Pete


Date: 2/26/21
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: G-Ratt Baits
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.03 - GREAT

Introduction: G-Ratt Baits is probably best known for their Kincanon Swimming Rat and Sneaky Pete glidebait. Both of these baits were originally handcrafted in small batches but are now much more readily available injected plastic versions. Building on the popularity of the Sneaky Pete the company also introduced a scaled down version, called the Pistol Pete, which is offered in the same array of colors and is designed for situations when a smaller bait better matches the hatch.


G-Ratt Pistol Pete Swimbait Specifications

Type Swimbait - Glidebait 
Length 5.75" overall length to the tail (measured). Body sections 4.75"
Weight 1.2 ounces - measured
Material Plastic body, Rubber tail
Sections Two (one joint)
Patterns 14
Rattles Yes, large knock bearings
MSRP $19.99


Impressions: The Sneaky Pete Glidebait was somewhat of a secret for years. Those in the know fished the original resin version and that bait was responsible for helping big bait anglers catch both trophy largemouth and some epic stripers. As demand for the baits grew Garrett Dixon and the team at G-Ratts decided it was time to expand from the handmade resin baits to injection molded versions. The goal of this was to make the baits more readily available to anglers, as well as make them more affordable.


The Pistol Pete is basically a Sneaky Pete in a scaled down size


In Fall 2018 the company launched the Sneaky Pete injected plastic Glide Bait with the same basic dimensions as the original, This plastic version  measures 7.5" length and a weighs in at  2.4 ounces. The plastic bait features an internal weighting system comprised of metal bearings isolated in the belly portion of the bait in both the head and tail sections.


Casting the Sneaky Pete is best with a dedicated swimbait rod but it still isn't that difficult to sling at 2.4oz.


The original resin G-Ratt cost around 80-85 dollars a piece, and the new injected versions retailed for less than half of that at $35.99 each. As popularity of the Sneaky Pete grew the company introduced a second version, a smaller model, called the Pistol Pete.


The Sneaky Pete is very much a traditional wide glide swimbait and represented a more affordable option to many competing JDM and custom lures


The Pistol Pete has all the features of the original injected Sneaky Pete, just in a smaller form factor. The Pistol measures in at 5.75" and weighs only 1.2 ounces, making it even smaller than some deep diving crankbaits.


While I have fished the larger version of the Sneaky Pete for a few seasons I decided to spend some more time with the Pistol Pete this past year to explore the differences between the baits, the overall performance of the smaller size, and the applications where the Pistol might even offer an advantage over the original. 


The Pistol is so small it fits easily in boxes designed for jerkbaits and crankbaits


Real World Tests: To test the Pistol Pete I fished it side by side with the Sneaky Pete and for the purposes of this review focused on the performance versus the larger injected model, instead of the original resin bait, which is much harder to procure. I targeted largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass in northern California lakes using a variety of different setups spooled with braid, braid with fluorocarbon leaders, and straight monofilament lines.


The Pistol Pete is so light and easy to cast it can be fished with conventional casting setups


Sneaky little Pistol: When creating the production version of the Sneaky Pete lead designer Garrett Dixon spent a lot of time perfecting the weighting system in the bait, positioning steel bearings at critical areas in the belly, and also allowing some of them to move within chambers to create a deep knock with each side to side movement of the bait. The result was a bait that replicated the original resin design but generated more sound, and was also available in a much wider range of patterns than the original hand painted models.


One of the benefits of the new mass produced baits is they are available in a much wider range of patterns


Anglers familiar with fishing traditional lipless glide baits will find the Sneaky Pete very intuitive to fish, simply cast and impart action with a combination of retrieve speeds, pauses, and rod twitches. A regular cadence will get the Sneaky Pete to swing side to side in a wide S-Pattern, and a varied retrieve can get the bait to dart or swing around in a more erratic fashion.


The first difference you will notice with the Pistol is how much smaller the bait is. Though it measures 5.75" in length the profile and total volume of the bait is so much smaller that it immediately looks like a baitfish.


One handed casts with the Pistol Pete are effortless

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