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Electronics Article

GPS units once a luxury, now becoming a necessity for anglers on the water

Date: 2/19/06
Tackle type: Electronics
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Zander


GPS combo units have forever changed fishing as we know it. This original technology was conceived in the 1970’s and was at first employed by the US military. Shortly after its conception the government realized that there were numerous civilian applications for this space age tracking system.


For boaters looking for the ultimate in portability and versatility, the GPSMAP 376C has it all. This color plotter offers satellite weather capability along with both marine and land navigation modes in one space-saving package.


A GPS receiver triangulates precise positioning by locking onto high frequency radio waves which are transmitted from a series of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth. While the science behind the global positioning system may seem complex, the practical applications are anything but. Outdoorsmen of all kinds have found countless uses for this technology and today it is used for precise navigation in the air, on land, and thankfully for anglers…on the water.


As maps become more and more detailed more memory is required on GPS units. Lowrance solves this problem by putting a 20GB hard drive preloaded with detailed mapping and charts into the Global Map 7600C HD.GPS + WAAS has never looked so good with the super hi-res SVGA display.

Combined with sonar, GPS technology takes on a whole new level of practical value to anglers. By using the combination anglers have a tool that allows them to examine underwater structure, mark fish, and then map that location. While sonar has been utilized in fishing nearly two decades longer than GPS, the combination of the two technologies was a match made in heaven. Once considered a luxury, today’s affordable and easy to use GPS combo units are considered an essential element of tackle by countless anglers. The benefits of GPS technology transcends just knowing where you are at any given time.


The 498C Sounder gives you the cartography you need to venture offshore. These versatile units come ready to launch with preloaded marine map detail utilizing the new BlueChart® g2 technology. Coverage is for U.S. coastal areas, including Alaska and Hawaii


I remember fishing the Delta years ago, where every rocky lined cut and slough looked identical. It was easy to get lost in the miles of waterway, and precious fishing time was wasted simply by trying to gain our bearings while translating paper maps in an effort to return to prime fishing spots. GPS mapping improves the fishing experience each and every time you visit any body of water, familiar or not waterways are easier to navigate when you know exactly where you are.


Raymarine's A65’s direct sunlight viewable display and rugged submersible construction make the A65 the perfect choice for center consoles and open cockpits.

By familiarizing yourself with the maps beforehand, then entering in waypoints and planning your routes, you are setting yourself up for success. While less time is wasted trying to reach your desired destinations GPS units also provide the added benefit of allowing you to return to the exact same location at a later time.


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