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Rod Review

GLoomis HSR 932C, the Jig-Master

Date: 1/23/02
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: GLoomis
Reviewer: MP

Total Score: 8.67

A rod that was designed to fish for Salmon in the Bay.  But looking at the specifications, we felt that the HSR 932C is also very suitable for saltwater jigging.

GLoomis HSR 932C Specifications


Modulus Graphite (GL2)




6.65 oz


Mag Heavy


Matte Blue



Recommended Line


Lure Handling wt. Range

1/2-5 oz



Like most GLoomis GL-series rods, the HSR 932C does not look like much—mostly because of the dull matte finish.  And without looking at the specs you will think that this is just another bass casting rod. What you may not know is this rod is strong enough to handle some good sized saltwater rockfish as well!

The HSR 932C is a single piece casting rod that has ample cork handle that can take on 25 lb line.  Although it is not in the GLoomis Saltwater series, the HSR 932C provides so much power and enormous lure weight range that made it a good choice for jigging.


The Calcutta looks right at home on the HSR932C and together this is a lightweight combo!


Real World Test: Zander and I hopped on the Seastag out of Santa Cruz headed up north 18 miles to Davenport for some rockfish.  I paired the HSR 932C with a Shimano Calcutta CT-400.


First thing that amazed me was how light the whole setup was.  Comparing to a standard ocean rig, the combined weight of the HSR 932C and Calcutta CT-400 was less than 18 ounces.  The HSR 932C features Fuji reel seat that holds in the Calcutta seamlessly.

Tossing 8oz jigs was surprisingly easy with the HSR

As the specs show, the HSR 932C is extremely powerful.  The extra stiff butt section gives the rod authority in casting and setting.  But the tip that was relatively light, and gave the HSR 932C sensitivity for the slightest bites.

Since we were fishing in about 300 feet of water, I had to use heavier jigs—from 6 to 8 ozs.  That was when I first appreciated the strong back portion of the rod.  When casting underhanded at the bow of the Seastag, the 6 ounce jig sailed out as easy as a bass spinnerbait.  And with the moderate-long configuration at 7’9”, it gives you plenty of room from the edge of the boat, and allows for a farther cast.

Even slight vibrations transferred through making sets at depths of 300ft possible

It was a terrific day, and as soon as the jig hit the rock bed I felt the fish bite through the tip.  I quickly pulled back, and start reeling up the catch.  I noticed despite the change of stiffness throughout the HSR 932C, and bend of the rod was very contiguous.  So very often when deep sea fishing, you do not have control, and have to follow the line where the fish takes you.  However, with the stiff yet sensitive HSR 932C, I felt in command at all times, and was able to guide the fish through swiftly.


The overall stiff HSR 932C allows you to feel every pull and tug of the fish, from 300 feet down to the surface.  I did notice that even a mere 1 to 2 pound fish felt like double of its size.  But similarly, a 8 pound fish felt 1/2 of its weight.  This consistency allows for simplified fishing method—just hope that you are pulling up a 10 pound fish every time.

 One of the young Lings that went back into the ocean after being hauled up by the HSR932C

When you fish in the ocean, especially bottom fishing, snags are inevitable.  However, the HSR 932C provides such quick responses that I was able to get myself out of being the anchor for the boat many times before it was too late.


The HSR 932C come with the standard GLoomis “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Replacement policy.  Lifetime warranty ensures anglers can use this rod with confidence, even in the harshest environments.  Just make sure you do rinse the HSR 932C at the end of any offshore trip thoroughly with fresh water, as you should with all your saltwater fishing tackle.


GLoomis HSR 932C Ratings (?/10)


Typical superior GLoomis quality.



Nice balance between stiffness and power allows for great casting distance and maneuverability around the rock bed.



Not the cheapest, especially for a GL2, but it is worth every penny of it.



Long cork handle allows for easy “tucked-under-armpit”.


Design (Ergonomics)

The light-weight for the application provides longer usability for jigging in 300 feet of water.



Excellent jigging rod that is also suitable for Salmon and Stripers.


Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J GLoomis quality

L Only available in GL2

J Light weight


J Wide range of Lure weights


J Powerful


While the HSR excels at its primary role of a great salmon rod, GLoomis quality, durability, and great warranty, gives anglers the ability to use this flexible rod for other applications. Because the HSR 932C is such a powerful rod, using it for jigging is a realistic option.  Although there are plenty of other choices out there for the application, the HSR 932C is a rod that rockfish anglers should consider including as part of their arsenal.


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