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Apparel Review

Ready for the Storm, Gillís IN21J Coast Sport Jacket (continued)

Real World Tests: To test the Gill Coast Sport Jacket we started in our lab where Ms. Casey was more than happy to check out the jacketís ďfit and finish.Ē After modeling the jacket it was time to see what the jacket could do in the field. We have had previous experience with Gill in the past and have previously tested the IN10 Inshore jacket in conditions ranging from cold foggy days on the California Delta to facing sudden downpours in the humid Amazon rainforest. The IN21J Coast Sport Jacket is one step up from the inshore jacket, and is designed to offer additional protection from the elements making it better for cooler wetter conditions. This round our tests took us from Clear Lake in California up to the Columbia River in Washington where we pursued trophy smallmouth bass.

There are reflective elements 360 degrees around the jacket for greater visibility

Operation: The Coast Jacket features very different styling than you would normally see from competing garments from Simms and features a very long cut lengthwise to provide additional protection from water as well as longer sleeves that can extend over gloves and a very high collar. This high collar design is common on sailing garments and provides extra protection for your neck from both spray and wind. This particular design forms a large collar all the way around your neck to your chin and does a great job sealing out the wind when youíre running the boat quickly in cooler or wet conditions.

A large high collar protects anglers from water spray and wind

When it comes to fishing this jacket does feel heavier than the Inshore jacket but is just as easy to move in, and though the material is thicker this jacket still has very little in terms of actual insulation. Like the Inshore jacket the Coast jacket is more like a weatherproof shell, designed to keep anglers protected from the wind and the rain.

The interior is lined with a cloth mesh layer

While it does provide more warmth than the Inshore jacket this garment will require anglers to layer up on really cold days and is not the right jacket for sub-zero conditions. On the other end of the spectrum this jacket is very good for conditions where it may be raining but not necessarily very cold. In these conditions anglers can stay dry and comfortable without sweating underneath unnecessary insulation. This garment is highly breathable and dries quickly both inside and out.

The adjustable cuffs have inner seals for watertight protection

The Coast jacket forms a watertight seal when it is all zipped up and features fully tapered seams and is lined with provisions for drainage. The front zipper is covered with a storm guard and the cuffs are adjustable with inner seals that provide a second layer of protection. The oversized hood rolls away quickly and tucks inside the collar discretely.

The cuffs work well and prevent water from running down your sleeves

I got to fully test the jacketís ability to withstand downpours while fishing the Columbia where we were pelted with rain and wind over a two day period. The jacket not only kept me dry but it kept me fishing, and some of my best fish came during the tail ends of the deluge. The hood features a peaked design that allows water to run off the edges easily and down the drainage path and the inner seals prevented water from running down the inside of the jacket when casting or handling fish.

The downpour on the Columbia tested the Coast Sport Jacket

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