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Apparel Review

Gear Up For Foul Weather Fishing with Gill's OS2 Rain Bibs (continued)

Water Resistance: Well the rain did eventually materialize and when it did, combined with the wind, it was pretty unpleasant. If it weren’t for the fact we had rain gear to test, we’d have turned in within the first half hour of the rain, but instead we endured and thanks to the OS2 trousers and my Inshore Lite Jacket, I stayed surprisingly dry.

Gillís OS2 line of products are built with a 2 layer fabric to provide a durable material that is both waterproof and breathable.

Gill’s OS2 line of products are built with a 2 layer fabric to provide a durable material that is both waterproof and breathable. We’ve been so conditioned to the term “Goretex” that any product claiming to be waterproof with out this designation is immediately held under suspicion. But Gill has invested a lot of resources in the design and development of their own waterproofing system and the results are stellar. Their materials hold up just as well and actually feel less fragile than “Goretex” enabled garments.

The knee and rare of the bibs are extra reinforcement for wear protection.

Comfort: The Gill OS2 Bib Trousers are super easy to slide on and they do so over a pair of jeans with no binding or bunching. The shoulder straps are adjustable so you can tune the fit to your liking depending on how much pressure you do or don’t want on your shoulders.

The insulated pockets are comfortable.

Once on, they are not bulky in the slightest nor do they restrict your movement. You can kneel down and stand right back up with no difficulties and after ten minutes or so, I tended to forget they were on.

Another look at the protective panel on back.

Aside from the overall fit and movement of the OS2 Bib Trousers, the garment features fleece lined pockets to help keep your hands warm, and a kind of puzzling two way zipper on the front. I refer to it as puzzling because on me, the bottom of the zipper comes to about mid-stomach, so it does not go low enough to facilitate a restroom break, but nor is the bib open behind the zipper because there’s another panel of fabric once you open the zipper up for added weather proofing. So the only real function for this zipper is to snug up the fit of the trousers to your chest and if this is so, then why do we need a two way zipper?

Water beads easily and does not get through.

At the bottom of each leg Gill provides a strap to synch down the pant leg and mitigate against water coming up through the bottom of the garment. There is no secondary gator in this pair of trousers. What Gill does provide and I found to be a nice touch are wear panels of durable fabric in the knee and butt areas.

The cinchable strap at the bottom of each pant leg ensures water doesn't get into your shoes.

Care: Gill recommends to rinse your gear after each use. To wash, set the temperature to low and set the cycle on delicate then drip dry for best results. Gill offers a line of fabric care products should you be in the need, but honestly, we’ve yet to run into any problems with any of our Gill branded gear. I toss my OS2 Trousers, Inshore Lite jacket and other fishing gear in the laundry after each use, hang them next to my boat to dry and so far so good.


Gill OS2 Trousers Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very well made 9
Performance Waterproof and comfortable 9
Price Considerably more than a pair of rubber rain pants but so much more comfortable 7
Features Gill's garment technology to provide waterproof protection is what it's all about here... the fleece lined pockets and other creature comforts are a bonus. 9
Design (Ergonomics) It'd be nice not to have to take off the entire bib for a restroom break. 6.5
Application If you fish in foul weather, these bib pants will keep you comfortable 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
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Pluses and Minuses:


+ Gill's layering technology within their waterproof garments really holds up - Inconvenient when you need to take a restroom break because you have to undress
+ Comfortable to wear and the adjustable shoulder straps make a difference  


Conclusion: I've been one of those fisherman that's relied upon ski clothing to keep me warm and dry during the really cold, rainy months out on the water. I have a pair of snowboard pants and ski bibs that I interchange depending upon when we go out, but the OS2 Bib Trousers will likely be my new go to pants. They're obviously more bulky than my snow board pants simply because there's more material, but they're also easier and more comfortable to wear because of the bib design. They're less bulky and better made than my ski bibs (which are not high end) and less expensive than if I were to buy another pair of ski bibs of similar quality to my OS2 trousers.

If foul weather fishing is your game, quality rain wear will make a big difference in your comfort levels.

Overall it's nice to see companies like Gill providing high quality foul weather clothing that's easy to find and built to last. They might cost you a bit in initial investment, but from what we've experienced and can tell to date, with proper care you should get season after season of use from any Gill product. The OS2 Trousers are no exception the only question now being, which color OS2 Jacket am I going to get to match these trousers?

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