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Lure Review

Careful, It Might Bite You, Evergreen's One's Bug


Date: 6/5/13
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.17 - GOOD

There's a certain purity and simplicity when targeting topwater fish with the good old fashioned popper. For all of its effectiveness, it seems to be a rather underappreciated topwater bait. Maybe it's not glamorous enough for today's angler. How many of you fished the old Rebel Pop-R? That bait is about as simple and unglamorous as it gets, but it sure was effective. Yet for all its simplicity, it appears not all poppers are created equal. Do you recall your reaction when you first saw the premium Rico Popper or Don Iovino's Splash-It? How about Megabass's PopMax? Well today we're here to look at another premium popper. Introducing the One's Bug from Evergreen International.

Introducing Evergreen International's interpretation of a premium popper, the One's Bug.

Evergreen International One's Bug Specifications

Type Topwater Popper
Length 2 - 11/16"
Weight 9.7g / 0.34 oz
Depth 0 feet
Hooks 2x #6
MSRP $22.49


Impressions: If ever there were an oxymoron in bass fishing it should be associated with the words premium and popper. I mean really, what makes a popper premium other than the finish? The care in crafting the secret formula specifications for cupping and shaping of the bait’s mouth? Well, I guess it’s worth it if anglers will pay for it and we’ve proven we’ll pay for just about any premium bait to try at least once. Slap an “Evergreen International” or “Megabass “ on the package and we’ll probably buy 2.

Stats of Evergreen's One's Bug ...

Field Tests: I've taken the One's Bug out with us on several different testing trips over the course of the last year and a half. I've fished it on Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa, and the California Delta, and have been throwing it primarily on my G.Loomis 852C NRX paired with my Shimano Japan Conquest 51DC.

... and how it compares to Lobina's Rico ...

Casting: Evergreen's One's Bug weighs just shy of three eighths of an ounce - a nice, comfortable, lower end lure weight for the majority of casting reels out there today. In this regard, it has a slight advantage over both the Rico and Splash It which both weigh in closer to a quarter of an ounce. Just that slight little difference in weight in baits that essentially share the same profile, makes a difference in castability.

... and the Splash-It.

Take that advantage and match it with a rod like the 852NRX paired with a Shimano DC reel and well, you can imagine the results. The One's Bug is very easy bait to cast, and matched with the right combo, an easy bait to target and place accurately as well.

My test combo for the One's Bug was the G.Loomis 852C NRX matched with a Shimano Japan Conquest 51DC.

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