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Rod Review

Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #14: The Big, Dominating, Overpowering Dobyns Rods 807MAGH

Date: 7/30/08
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Dobyns Rods
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.5


Introduction: Dobyns Rods is one of only two rod manufacturers to benefit from two individual reviews in our Swimbait Rod Wars. The other was Megabass with their F7-76RSDti White Python and F8-78DG Super Destruction. Two other companies, Okuma and St. Croix, also sent in more than one representative, but their sticks were so similar to one another, only one review was warranted for each manufacturer. So what is it about today's stick that differs enough from our previously reviewed Dobyns Rods 795ML to warrant another article? Let's find out, introducing the second to last representative in our Swimbait Rod Wars, Dobyns Rods' 807MAGH Swim Bait.

Dobyns Rods Champion 807MAGH Specifications

Material Proprietary Graphite
Length 8'-0"
Length from Back of Reel Seat to Base 13.5"
Line Wt. 20 - 50lb Test
Lure Wt. 5 - 12 inch baits (tested with baits close to 9 ounces just fine)
Pieces 1
Guides 12 + Tip (Fuji Alconites)
Power Rating Mag Heavy
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 9.9 ounces
Manufacturing Country China
MSRP $199

Impressions: The primary difference between the 807MAGH and our previously reviewed 795ML, besides their power ratings, are the principals involved behind the two sticks. Dobyns Rods Mike Long series of swimbait sticks are primarily built to the specifications of their namesake. The non-"ML" big bait sticks from this manufacturer are the brainchild of Gary Dobyns himself and the 807MAGH was one of his pet projects with the goal of delivering one of the biggest and beefiest big bait sticks available anywhere. Was he successful?


Introducing the Dobyns Rods 807MAGH

Lab Tests: Of course, our initial method of testing claims such as these is to strap said product up to our RoD WRACK so we can see just how well it stacks up against other sticks from our database.

Lab Results for SB Rod Wars Heavy-Hitters

Avg RoD (2-48 oz)
Measured Weight
Balance Point
Deps HGC-77XR
8.6 oz
St. Croix LTBC79HF
5.6 oz
St. Croix LTBC80XHF
6.5 oz
Okuma GS-C 7111XH
8.9 oz
Quantum QTC711F
6.2 oz
Dobyns Rods 807MAGH
9.9 oz

Rate of Deflection (RoD): Indeed, of our sixteen other representatives, the 807MAGH just barely edges out Quantum's QTC711F in terms of RoD rating - a rod we've already identified as not a true swimbait stick. The next closest sticks are the Okuma GS-C-7111XH and St. Croix LTBC80XHF.

Fig. 1 : This RoD Deflection Chart shows the deflection characteristics of the Dobyns Rods Champion 807MAGH (yellow curve) against several similar sticks.

Spine, Weight, and Balance Point: The 807MAGH wins "heaviest" swimbait stick in another category too and that would be in shear weight. Coming in at 9.9 ounces all by itself, this stick actually weighs more than some of my full combos! Fortunately, it is a well balanced rod with a balance point approximately five and half inches up from the centerline of the reel seat, so it does not feel nearly as heavy as some of our other representatives.

The 807MAGH features an array of 12 Fuji Alconite Guides plus the tip - all double footed.


A rare sight... the 807MAGH bending under load!

Real World Test: I fished the 807MAGH with a number of reels but felt it handled best with either the Daiwa Luna 300L or Shimano Calcutta 401TE. Somehow, these larger, round reels just felt more at home on this stick than the one low profile reel I used in the Shimano Antares DC7. Granted, I never did mount my Curado 301DSV on this stick as that reel was pulling duty on other rods.

Testing the 807MAGH's casting ability with the Rago Original Tool.


Complete Field Test Set-Up for Dobyns Rods Champion 807MAGH

Daiwa Luna 300L
Shimano Antares DC7
Shimano Calcutta 400TE
25lb Triple Fish X-Rated
80 yds 65lb Suffix Perf. Braid
175 yds 20lb Cuda Copolymer

Casting: We collected a handful of seriously big, heavy baits specifically with which to test this rod's upper end lure weight capabilities. Since 807MAGH is specified as handling five to twelve inch baits, it almost became a mission to uncover what that really meant in terms of ounces. To that end, the most serious bait we were able to acquire was the classic, original, thirteen inch Rago Tool. This bait weighs in at a hefty thirteen ounces!

List of Big Baits Cast on the Dobyns Rods Champion 807MAGH

3:16 1-up
3:16 Armageddon
3:16 Wake
Rago 10" Tool
Rago 13" Tool
5.2 Oz
6.8 Oz
6.6 Oz
8.7 Oz
13 Oz

The 807MAGH handled this and all our other large big baits without really breaking stride. The same easy loading, fun casting performance we found in the 795ML is here in the 807MAGH just turned up a few notches in terms of what baits it can handle.

The 807MAGH is up to the task of casting this thirteen ounce bait!

The only minor problem I found casting these huge baits with this stick was my own ability to keep enough pressure on the spool of my reel during the swing so I could make an effective cast! Having the ability to throw baits of this size pales by comparison next to the act of actually doing it. Nevertheless, the 807MAGH is up to the task and it's a crazy sight watching a thirteen inch bait sail through the air. Of course, the only thing crazier is the commotion created by one of these magnum baits when they splash down!

Look out below!!

Sensitivity: Sensitivity on the 807MAGH is actually pretty darn good. I was getting a little numb and bored with all these big bait sticks and tossing eight and six inch Huddleston Deluxe's to drag along the bottom and test sensitivity, so after the afore mentioned test met with satisfactory results on the 807MAGH, I decided to try something different just to see.

The 807MAGH sits in Dobyns Rods' baseline Champion Series of sticks.


I took the Luna 300L off this rod and mounted a Daiwa Zillion HLC spooled with Sunline Shooter Defier nylon monofilament. After running the line through the guides on the 807MAGH, I tied at the end of the line a Lucky Craft LV500MAX and made a couple of casts. I was surprised to discover I was able to feel this lipless crank coming through the water with this beefy stick. So, I took it to another extreme tying on the eighth ounce sized Luhr Jensen SpeedTrap (actual weight one quarter of an ounce) and gave that a shot. Casting was a bit of an issue of course, but once the bait was in the water and I was able to begin my retrieve, I found the same result. I didn't think there was a chance, given the fact I was using mono and given the stoutness of this stick, I'd be able to feel either let alone both these cranks in the water - a very nice surprise.

The specification on the 807MAGH lists baits from five to twelve inches... a bit confusing but as far as we were able to determine, baits up to ten ounces are well within this rod's rating.

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